Backyard Ashes


Action / Comedy / Sport

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattcamiller 1 / 10

This is completely not OLS!!!! Don't watch it!!!!

I was watching this movie and I was like 'why am I watching this movie!?!' It was totally not OLS and was very bad in my opinion. CAT is better than OLS!!!!!

Reviewed by Mr M Pugh 8 / 10

Low Budget Australian Cricket Movie

This is a great little movie, I've visited Wagga Wagga (so good they named it twice!) and have several friends there after working locally, in Coleambally and Mt Selwyn. Some good friends brought me this DVD from Oz and it's a little ripper!

Yes, it's a bit racist, based on stereo-types, but typically Australian country people living the good life. Even they don't know they have it so good in life. Easy jobs, well paid, lots of spare time and perfect BAR-B-Q weather every night of the year.

Surely we have all played this game in our own back yards, you already know most of the rules! Over the fence, 6 and out. One handed catches count after a bounce. And no hard bowling or hard balls..... Is it just me, or did we all play this game in the back garden.

Have a couple of beers, laugh at and with the Australians and enjoy this great little movie that you or me could have made in a few days spare time. Wish I'd thought of it first!!!!

Reviewed by barnettles1 1 / 10

Bloody Dreadful

This is the first review on any film I have ever written online. And the reason is that this is the worst Aussie film I have EVER seen in my entire life. Where do I even start with this? Firstly, I had to force myself to watch all the way through, as it was so truly awful that I kept going just to see if the stereotypes and frankly racist, anti-English theme continued throughout - well I can report that it does.

In short, the evil English bosses sacked the hard-working Aussies without giving notice, didn't drink beer (never met a Brit who didn't drink before). cheated at cricket, were racist to the Indian character, and dreamed of "body line", which was presented as English cricket's finest hour.

Not only was every aspect of this film dreadful, but it was frankly offensive. My mum is English and the people associated with this farce should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Even if you are an insular, pommie-bashing Aussie who likes cricket, do yourself a favour and do something useful with 90 minutes - like boiling 30 eggs...instead of watching this mindless drivel.

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