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Reviewed by sddavis63 3 / 10

Vastly Over-Rated

So, yes, this is based - very, very loosely - on a true story. A couple was camping in a remote provincial park in northern Ontario and they were attacked by a predatory black bear. The story in the movie is reversed. In the true story, the woman is killed and the man escapes; in this movie the man is killed and the woman escapes. It would be interesting to know why they reversed that, but whatever the reason they did. I watched this because it was based on a true story, and because every now and then I don't mind watching this kind of movie. But "Backcountry" disappointed me. To me, it seems vastly over-rated.

The primary problem I had with this was the relationship between Alex and Jenn (Jeff Roop and Missy Peregrym.) The movie starts with them going on a backwoods camping trip. He wants to go; she doesn't, but she goes along. Alex does a lot of stupid things apparently trying to impress Jenn. "I know my way. I don't need no stinkin' map. I'm not gonna turn back just because we both know there's a wild animal stalking us and I know (even if she doesn't) that it's a bear. I'm not gonna admit that I have no freakin' clue where we are." Why does he feel this need to impress her? It makes it feel as if they haven't been together all that long. Alex seems insecure with Jenn. Sure, he's a landscaper and she's a lawyer. But later on we find out that they must have been together for a while, because this camping trip is Alex's plan for how to propose to her. OK. The relationship just didn't hit home with me, and in all honesty I didn't sense a whole lot of chemistry between Roop and Peregrym.

Setting aside my confusion and disinterest about the relationship, there's also the problem that the movie for the most part is dull. Some call it "suspenseful." Seriously? Why? I mean - for the most part, why? Yeah. We know there's a bear around, but we have to go through about half the movie before we actually see it and the actual attack on Alex lasts for about two minutes. It's graphic and bloody - but then it's over. Jenn has to escape and, yeah, the bear is chasing her - but, frankly, we don't see much of the bear chasing her, and when we do the bear's heart didn't really seem to be in the chase. The bear probably would have preferred a nap after snacking on Alex, I suppose. But we had to spend most of the second half of the movie watching Jenn run - and most often we had no real sense if the bear was actually chasing her anyway.

Then there was the weird decision to include Brad (Eric Balfour.) Jenn encountered Brad while Alex was looking for wood. Jenn asks Brad (a total stranger she meets in the backcountry) to stay for dinner. And - yeah - Brad's a little weird. You know this movie is about a bear attack, but ... a stranger? In the backcountry? With a knife - which was made clear? There has to be something there, right? Well, no. They have dinner, Brad pees in front of them, has a wee bit of a tense conversation with Alex - then, g'bye. At least, until the very last scene when he's the one who stumbles upon Jenn when she finally makes it out. (Which I somehow knew was going to happen.) I didn't get the point of adding Brad to the story.

A truly over-rated movie. (3/10)

Reviewed by offsmith 3 / 10


I very much enjoy outdoor, adventurous movies. I was excited when I stumbled on this movie and the premise of it, even more so that is was based on true events.

There is not much of a character build up for either, just boyfriend and girlfriend, nothing more about that, which is okay but for the movie length and very little happening more of that could have been portrayed.

It is literally just them walking in the woods for the first 45-50 minutes if not a little more. You begin to get glimpses of the bear at this time, but nothing more than a bloody toe and/or why the bear is chasing them.

The confrontation is short, abrupt and essentially just in your face with out much of a draw out.

The early on confrontation with the 2nd male character is strange as well, has no part or meaning to the story, somewhat silly. Then at the end it turns out that that person is actually a guide? Yet somehow early on in the confrontation with the couple he is a creepy prick, which doesn't really fit for a guide.

The movie with the little plot, character arc could easily have been 30-40 minutes without many drawn out filler time.

I would not recommend the film for anyone.

Reviewed by dog-71175 3 / 10

Perversion of a true story

IrishThe true story: a married couple enter the woods where the wife is attacked by a bear. The husband tries to fight the bear off, stabbing it ~10 times. He sustains heavy injuries, but his wife takes the brunt of the attack. He carries her to a small boat and gets them to safety, but it's sadly too late for his wife. The movie: Dumbass boyfriend gets lost in the woods. A handsome Irishman threatens his masculinity so he acts like a jackass to his girlfriend, who calls him out on it. She goes on a rant about how much of a stupid loser he is and then he proposes to her. They are attacked by a bear and the man is killed while the woman does nothing. She runs away while her fiancée gets eaten. When she makes it back to safety the handsome Irish guy is there to comfort her. A true story about a couple struggling to survive and a man trying to save his wife is turned into a movie about a dumb loser and his "bad ass" girlfriend. I wouldn't have been upset if it weren't for the movie being "based on a true story" while having nothing in common with the actual event other than having a guy and a girl in the woods

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