Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend


Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Sean Young as Susan Matthews-Loomis
William Katt as George Loomis
Patrick McGoohan as Doctor Eric Kiviat
Julian Fellowes as Nigel Jenkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeborahPainter855 3 / 10

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Needs to Stay Lost

The film is one of the rare ones that deals with the subject of dinosaurs in modern Africa. A brontosaurus like creature about the size of a grown hippopotamus has been rumored since the 1920s to live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Cameroon. Many expeditions have gone to the difficult to explore wetlands and rivers where it allegedly lives, only to return with no compelling evidence to show for their expensive efforts. A pretty good action-adventure film could be made in which a real dinosaur family is found. Unfortunately, what we get from Disney is boredom and a frustrating, hopelessly lame plot.

For example, our heroes, played by William Katt and Sean Young, with no help from anyone, find two 70-foot parent dinosaurs and their five foot long baby living in nice dry park-like land after less than one week of checking out the bush country, and all it takes to lure the big brutes is some food! These same heroes then drive the baby off when he pesters them as they are too busy kissing to worry about safeguarding this priceless discovery. He is promptly caught by the evil scientist Patrick McGoohan who wants to make a fortune from him. He had killed a man in an African city some months before to obtain his blurry photos of the dinosaurs. (No, I am not making this up.) Plot developments go from bad to worse as every major character makes bad decision after bad decision. Just labeling it a "kid movie" and excusing its flaws on that basis does not work in my book. Disney was releasing some poorly received fantasy movies in the mid 1980s and BABY: SECRET OF THE LOST LEGEND was definitely in that group.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 1 / 10

The Secret of the Lost Production.

Baby: The Secret of the Lost Legend (1985): Dir: B.W.L. Norton / Cast: William Katt, Sean Young, Patrick McGoohan, Julian Fellowes, Kyalo Mativo: Family oriented geek show that is about as entertaining as a dog food commercial. And just what is the secret of the lost legend anyway? Did this creature check into the Holiday Inn when the other dinosaurs became extinct? Story evolves around a couple who struggle to save a baby brontosaurus from hunters. Baby acts like an overgrown puppy and it is about as real as Big Bird. Viewers won't be fooled by this rubbery looking creature. I have seen balloon animals with more credibility than this creature. Billed as family entertainment yet it is too violent for children and too bloody stupid for adults. Director B.W.L. Norton could have created more excitement by filming an ant hill. William Katt was previously in Carrie, and Sean Young will always be remembered for Blade Runner. What a fall down the ladder this cheap prehistoric crap is. Patrick McGoohan is too talented for this villain idiot. Julian Fellowes is also featured but nobody in this garbage elevates beyond being a complete idiot belonging to a freak circus. Its wildlife preservation message is lost in poor production and a whole lot of stupidity. This is an embarrassing film that should stay lost... Up the anal track of a brontosaurus. Score: 0 / 10

Reviewed by dcorr123 7 / 10

Better than it gets credit for, but then I'm prejudiced

Let me confess at the start that: 1) I'm definitely fond of dinosaurs and paleontology in general. This interest LONG predates "Jurassic Park". If a paleontology major had been available in my college, in the early 60's, that would have been my choice. 2) I've also ALWAYS been a big fan of animation and related effects, such as the dinosaurs. This movie had by far the best dinosaur effects of any prior to "Jurassic Park", even better than in "The Valley of Gwangi". The baby brontosaurus (actually apatosaurus) was perhaps a little too cutsey with its blinking eyes but otherwise the film captured details of movement, including musculature and skin, very well. This was at its best when the mother dinosaur was chasing the bad guys in their vehicle. Needless to say I was very sympathetic with the efforts of the paleontologists to rescue the dinosaurs. I also enjoyed some of the people "antics" such as the natives spitting out the granola bars (hippy food) from the sides of their mouths while pretending to like it. An enjoyable movie if a little saccharine.

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