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Brad Pitt as Richard
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Reviewed by deickos 5 / 10

Pure politics and flesh

The idea and the title are good - what one could do with such a theme! Unfortunately the execution of the idea is mediocre and superficial. Mr Inaritu bypasses a real opportunity to say something true and deep here. Instead, he stays on stereotypes for the sake of the striking and shocking impression, that is it is shallow. Am I the only one that thinks this film is racist, or better plays with racism as a means of impression? The same that does with sexism etc. A lost opportunity not just to impress but to shake people out of their seats.

Reviewed by hillsgrr 1 / 10


Worst movie I've ever seen, I don't understand the good reviews. I want the two hours twenty three minutes of my life back. Don't waste your time! I was shocked to see it had won an Oscar, but then I saw it was for music, so okay. Not that the Oscars prove anything, they gave Pacino an Oscar for his worst performance. I wish I could give it a 0 or -1 but 1 is as low as they let you go.

Reviewed by Evan Wessman (CinematicInceptions) 8 / 10

Brutally Realistic.

Of the four Inarritu movies I've seen (Birdman, The Revenant, and Amores Perros), I definitely consider this the best. The trailer stresses the inability for people of different cultures to communicate effectively as the theme, but it felt more like a constant obstacle. What I loved about the movie was the way it was able to go where the vast majority of movies don't dare to go and make me cringe a bit. Moments like Chieko asking the detective to come to her apartment and even little moments like the two American kids watching the Mexican guy killing the chicken are what made this such a striking and great movie. It's quite dark in tone, even more so because it's not dark or sad the entire time. The fun afternoon Chieko has makes her insecurity and pain even more tangible. And the joy of Amelia's son's wedding makes it that much worse when she can't get the two kids back to the states.

This story is not entirely plausible in a time sense. Realistically, all of the events would not have occurred all within the same week. But the same can really be said of any movie in which the protagonist happens to be dealing with internal and external problems that are both resolved in the same climax. And outside of the convenient/inconvenient timing, the movie is incredibly realistic in the sense of how the characters behave in each situation. More than that, it points to the way that everyone is connected to people in countries far away from where we live whether we realize it or not.

The characters were not the most memorable, but they were very human and I could totally sympathize with all of their different conflicts. A saying that is used a lot to guide writers is "the universal is in the specific", and that held true here. I'm not and hopefully never will be deaf or mute, but I understood how Chieko feels when she sees her friend that can speak a little get with the guy that Chieko likes. Even the two Moroccan kids who initiate the whole whirlwind of events can be sympathized with in their guilt. We are given a little insight into cach character's or group of character's backstory and personal lives. Not all of these are totally relevant to the story, but they do add to it by keeping the focus on the individuals and how their personal problems impact the other story lines rather than making a big deal out of the news story side of things.

If you are considering it, be cautioned that it is a very disturbing movie that will shock you at several points and it probably won't leave you feeling hopeful. I think it's much better for being disturbing, but many people might not. On the upside, it's not gory or pornographic. The presence of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett do not detract at all from the other foreign actors. They aren't the protagonists and aren't given any more attention or screen time than the other character groups. Also, the characters are all portrayed by actors of the proper ethnicity; in other words it's not whitewashed. I'll close by paraphrasing one of that lines that was used in advertising the movie: If you don't see it, you'll end up living it. Overall Rating: 8.3/10.

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