Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Edward Furlong as Thomas Burton
Steven Bauer as Lucas Drake
John Savage as Jack Winston
Sally Kirkland as Harriet Bendi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by glamjewel 9 / 10

Great review - AWAKENED - STARRING JULIANNE MICHELLE by CINEMADDICTS on JANUARY 5, 2018 Cinemaddicts > Reviews > Drama > Awakened - Starring Julianne Michelle

Outstanding acting, riveting film, out of the box. Julianne Michelle stars along with a cast of award winning actors. This movie has won quite a few awards.

Reviewed by glamjewel 9 / 10

Interesting movie, excellent acting

It is good. The lead actors were great, and all did a good job.

Reviewed by Lil_Git 1 / 10

Wow, what a garbage can of a movie.

This was a terrible movie. I was conned into watching some of it by reading the great reviews but when the movie just wasn't living up to what the other reviewers promised I did a little more digging and realized the glowing reviews are indeed fake, as was pointed out by another helpful person.

Some of the reviewers giving this movie a high score seem to have an obsession with the lead actress and only ever post things about her or about this movie. Other reviewers have only ever commented once and that was to give this pile of garbage a 10.

This movie seems to be from the "Lifetime" movie genre although it doesn't advertise that fact and to be honest I have seen much better "Lifetime" movies.

I gave this movie a 1 star only because there's no option for 0.

Oh and Edward Furling, well he appeared for about a minute and looked like he needed a good bath.

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