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Mark Hamill as Arnim Zola
Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter
J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson
Elizabeth Daily as Moonstone

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Reviewed by DCfan 10 / 10

Just be happy with what you got.

Holy Moley, what is with the sudden rise of Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes requests? Why can't we just enjoy what we have got instead of just whinnying about bringing back a show that might never come back in million years time?

People are complaining that this show has bad story lines, it is too dark for children and has bad character designs. Guess what that show also had those things as well.

You might have noticed that I gave The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes 8/10. The reason why I gave that show that show a score of 8/10 is that it didn't last for long, the second season was rushed and it focused too on different things. I did like the voice actors in that show as well.

I also like the voice actors on this show as well and I like the fact that their designs are based on MCU. Okay, I have to admit Season 1 wasn't that good and when season 4 started I didn't like the fact that the Avengers were killed off and they were replaced by annoying ones like Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan and Captain Marvel but spoiler alert they aren't killed off they were alive in different dimensions. I also find it weird that Kamala is 13-16 years old and the Avengers are all 30- 40-year-old adults and she is a part of a where she is the only kid and everyone else is an adult. It would be a huge favor if they get rid of her and make her join SHIELD Academy instead and bring someone like Daredevil, Moon Knight or Punisher as her replacement.

I just hope Disney convinces Fox to give them the rights to Fantastic Four and the X-Men so they can appear in if the show has more seasons planned. Honestly, people just need to grow up realize that Avengers earth mightest isn't coming back.

If you are a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe then you might love this show it is great entertainment for both kids and adults.

But the show could improve if we had more non-anime voice actors like Dee Bradley Baker, Jason Marsden, Rob Paulsen,Jeff Bennett and JYB on the show instead of just anime or video game voice actors and if they could fix the art style a bit.

If you want to have an example of a good episode I would recommend you check out Under Siege, The Squadron Supreme arc (it will be like DC VS. Marvel trusts me), all of the Ultron episodes and the Thanos arc. I am looking forward to more episodes in the future.

But as I have said before don't listen to the annoying fanboys/girls, comic book nerds and people demanding for The Avengers Earths Mightiest heroes when they know it is not going to come back and if you like Marvel cinematic and you want to embrace your inner child with Marvel then give this show a go you never know you might actually like it.

Edit 27/01/2018 This show even has good humour and action sequence. Unlike EMH you get to learn more about the characters if you are unfamiliar with the comics. I know my review didn't get much support but all am going to say is this: the haters for this show need to chill out, like EMH this show is just a cartoon for kids there is no point rant or complain about it if it's not aimed at you. It's perfect for my 9 year old and 12 year cousins it's aimed at their demo graph and the both enjoy it. Look I have seen EMH as I might have stated on the day I made this review and when it got cancelled I was upset, disappointed and annoyed. When I first saw the ad for this I didn't have any high hopes at all. But I when I was watching TV with my young cousins one day and this show came on and I watched with and I was very impressed with what I saw. From there onward I decided to record season 1 and season 2 of the show and I watched it. All I am going to suggest is if you don't like the show simple answer just change the channel and don't watch it. I am not forcing you to watch this show, the creators aren't forcing you to watch this show and definitely the media isn't forcing you to watch it either. P.S If the creators read this review. There might be people out there who don't like what you are doing but just so you know there also people like me who enjoy what you are doing.

Reviewed by coasterfreek 9 / 10

Marvel continues to outshine DC

**possible spoilers, but I will try not to.

Being a long, LOOOONG time Wonder Woman fan (until the movie came out), I was a DC fan. Then Marvel decided to put all super hero movies to shame (except for Christopher Reeves Superman, which will be forever the best Superman to me) and create The X-Men movies.

After seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I switched sides. Since then, Marvel has continued to kick DC's sorry rear, even in the animation department.

The Avengers' series of animation has been just like their movies, top notch. With the RIGHT people playing the RIGHT parts (unlike DC), even with the animated series casting for voices. Perfection.

This latest Avengers animated series keeps up with the high rated standing and top-notch casting and writing of the Marvel universe.

I think probably my two favorite episodes are Dark Avengers and One Little Thing. Two episodes that could easily be fitted to the big screen with the current cast of "real life" Avengers. And I would have to say, I would definitely pay any price to see THESE on the big screen, portrayed by the current "live" cast.

Marvel is by far, the best of the best when it comes to what they do. And unlike DC, Marvel obviously listens to its fans and critics alike, in order to find the right people for the right parts, the right voice for the right character, and the write storytellers for the ideas they have to put on screen....whether it be the big screen or the small one.

Some of DC's animation cannot be touched, not even by Marvel.......but on the whole, Marvels animation outranks DC's by far, on a wider scale. And Avengers Assemble is probably the best I've seen from either comic universe.

Reviewed by stevenyellow 1 / 10

Garbage replacing avengers earth's mightiest heroes, how fitting.

Look it's no secret that I, as well as tons of other fans, loved avengers earth's mightiest heroes and when it was canceled we were all heartbroken. It's safe to say i didn't have much hope for avengers assemble considering it's set in the same universe as ultimate spider man which is known to many as one of the worst marvel cartoons of all time. And after watching the first season I was really sad seeing all my favorite characters ruined with bland story lines, (seriously the twist in the first episode is about as generic as it gets) and boring lifeless animation which couldn't match earth's mightiest heroes anyway but they could've tried at least. This wasn't the first time an incredible show was canceled then replaced with an incredibly inferior one, we had this happen with spectacular spider man and young justice. Until someone goes to marvel and knocks some sense into them we'll have to deal with this garbage for now. #bringbackavengersemh

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