Autumn Blood


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1591


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Peter Stormare as The Mayor
Gustaf Skarsgård as The Butcher
Julia Dietze as The Butcher's Wife
Sophie Lowe as The Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fstclairejm 1 / 10

The director is named Blunder. It should have been the movie's title

The director's last name is eponymous with what this movie should have been called: Blunder. The cinematography is decent, hence the one star. Probably the most interesting thing about this film is watching the grass grow faster than the pace of this movie. I think it's an attempt at being artistic which fails miserably. Poor script. No dialogue in the attempt to be artsy. In fact, I thought that multiple actors in this had a condition that prevented them from talking except in single words once in a blue moon. Even the addition of gratuitous violence still left the grass growing as the best part of this film. Don't stick around for the harvest!

Reviewed by sienahome 10 / 10

A gem....

This film was captivating from beginning to end. The lack of superfluous dialog and attention to natural sounds and cinematographic skill made this film exceptionally brilliant. There was no need to show illicit scenes, the message was understood. The dialog was not needed, the viewer could grasp the emotion, the intensity that needed no words. In fact, we are so accustomed to needless overuse of language that this film truly was a breath of fresh air. The subject matter was not easy, but the scenes were gripping and the acting was far above and beyond what viewers in the USA are made to believe is "great". The essence of this movie is the age old battle between good and evil, and the religious illusions in the film reflect that the seeds of evil are where we least expect them.... This film has twists and turns and is not predictable. This is not a film for non cerebral viewers. I gave it 10 stars for creativity, for being UNIQUE in an industry that is running out of ideas....

Reviewed by ixlsmoot 9 / 10

Had to watch it twice

This is an intense movie from the start. In fact I the first time I watched it I didn't even realize not a word was spoken for almost the first half if the movie. The scenery is beyond beautiful and you are easily drawn into the lives of main characters. Well worth watching if you like suspense movies, not really my favorite genre but I guess it can't always be about the zombies, monsters etc. We all know the human monsters are the scariest because they can be right next door. Was a little creeped out by Gustaf Skarsgård in this role, part of why I re-watched it, hadn't started watching Vikings when I saw it first time. Had to verify that my favorite Viking was a huge creeper in this movie, was an interesting change from other roles I've seen him in. Haven't seen many of his movies due to them being Swedish but hopefully soon I can expand my viewing, he's a great actor.

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