Authors Anonymous


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15%
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Kaley Cuoco as Hannah Rinaldi
Tricia Helfer as Sigrid Hagenguth
Jonathan Bennett as William Bruce
Teri Polo as Colette Mooney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Carrie Knight 8 / 10

As a writer I really enjoyed this movie!

***may have spoilers****I was previously in a writing group similar to this one for a couple years, took various creative writing classes, even studying with well known authors so I really got a kick out of it. Created as a fake docu-drama about motley group of budding writers, I felt for the various characters as they were desperately trying to find agents, get published or even self-publish, fall in love, or out of it, etc. Even though much was greatly exaggerated it was amusing, always something going on. Compared to many movies out there, I loved it. It was different and held my attention thruout.

Reviewed by mojoguzzi-879-68498 8 / 10

A Movie About Writers - For Writers!

Perusing the reviews I see positive and negative. I'd bet my next paycheck that the more glowing reviews are from the most experienced writers. The characters are dead on representations of several common personality types and varying levels of talent likely to be found in any group of writers and writer wannabes.

Some of the characterizations are exaggerated for comic effect, but anyone who's walked the walk in Hollywood or the publishing industry will recognize the doctor slash idea man and the writer who's never read a book, the nasty jealousies and ego bashing, the agents and successful writers besieged by hopeless desperadoes and the pay-to-publish scams.

Chris Klein and Kaley Cuoco give nuanced performances that stand out among the over-the-top supporting characters.

The only big complaint I have is that the writer of this writers movie only gets fourth bill behind the director and producer credits and the director's producing credit, the first two of which are inexplicably repeated after an interstitial closing clip. Fittingly ironic, I suppose.

Reviewed by Keila 4 / 10

Depressing stereotypes

Since literature and movies usually need a kind of conflict they center on, this movie is about a writing group breaking apart by jealous feelings.

The members of the writing group meet again and again to read and comment on each others writing. These meetings are recorded by a camera team - much in the way "like the Kardashians'" as one character would put it. In between these meetings the camera follows each member of the group on their quest to be read authors.

"Authors Anonymous" is listed as a comedy, though I most certainly would not categorize it as one. There was no chance to interrupt the movie with heartfelt laughter, a chuckle or even a smirk. Rather, one/I felt rather sorry, uncomfortable or bored by a plot that could be foretold and characters that where pure chliché.

I really like Kaley Cuoco on "The Bing Band Theory". I just felt a little disappointed that the character she plays in this movie is so alike to the one in the series. I'm very positive her range is much wider and it would have been interesting to see that. She plays her part uniquely just as everyone else in the movie does.

Still, this comedy is rather depressing. In case you are looking for something uplifting, this might not be the right time to watch "Authors Anonymous". In case you need a little Hollywood-reality insight topped with stereotypes, then enjoy!

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