Australia Day



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Bryan Brown as Terry Friedman
Daniel Webber as Jason Patterson
Sean Keenan as Dean Patterson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diogenes-858-449167 8 / 10

Powerful Resonance

The majority of us (Australians) live in cities and towns where these stories occur. We see the product of Australia Day simmering around us, in differing forms, every day. This movie takes us beneath the surface. We're allowed to follow those people we've taken for granted, dismissed, buffered ourselves against or plain ignored because we can. As sober entertainment and something worth watching, the results are a thing to be proud of.

Stephen M Irwin and Kriv Stenders get the basics right with the writing and direction, and it shows in this movie becoming greater than the sum of its parts. Story telling and performances are solid in that benefit.

Excellent casting, awesome technical and camera unit work pull us into the lives and drama of our everyday victims and protagonists. Uniformly good writing, direction and excellent performances allow us to genuinely care about the strangers lives we're watching, Brian Brown captures the quiet desperation of an older, Australian man caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to do the right thing. Plaudits to the cameraman on his closeups of Brown. The Australian landscape and Brown's face are now synonymous. The people and drama in Australia day will resonate strongly with many Australians. It entertains and confronts us with truths we're usually able to walk past. Foreign audience will enjoy it as something casting a believable, strong reflection on Australian people, and the Australian enigma.

Reviewed by kjc248 3 / 10

Not sure what this film was about

No interesting characters infact all the characters should be in jail. A lot of scenes with people running around the streets of Brisbane. Nothing to do with Australia Day just set on that day. Has a very strange scene between brother and sister.

Reviewed by thebogofeternalstench 1 / 10

Misandrist garbage

Script was obviously written by liberal feminist student wannabe film makers. Story was non existent and the characters were non entities. What the hell was this movie about? Racial tensions? Ha. The acting was so ham fisted I couldn't take it seriously. Its just annoying characters running around filmed by a steadicam operator.

A very anti male film. Men fight over a bunch of women. Men die over said women. We have two evil asian child grooming pimps, the abusive father/stepfather killed with a hammer (lol), the pervy smack head weirdo guy who locks the girl in the bedroom, the 'racist' white brothers who beat up a brown guy who's older brother gets revenge with his mates because of the white guys lying whore sister....seriously....But the lying whore, fatty female cop who causes the car crash and junkie mother are such great examples of womanhood. All men are bad in this film apart from Brown and the taxi driving father.

The garage scene between the brothers was pathetic. The mother even coaxes and encourages the older brother into committing acts of violence, and revenge, using the fact that she knows about his drug selling. Really?

I didn't give a flying 5hit about any of the characters in this film except for maybe Brown.

Avoid like the plague. This 'movie' is nonsensical garbage. What a waste of my time.

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