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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Ricky Whittle as Captain East
Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Elizabeth Charming
Keri Russell as Jane Hayes
Jane Seymour as Mrs. Wattlesbrook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Syo Kennex 6 / 10

Over the top, but feel good

Austenland is a 2013 comedy romance film. Jane, obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, can't seem to find her perfect gentlemen. Mr. Darcy just makes every man who comes into her life seem trivial and boring. Running out of hope, Jane travels to a Jane Austen themed amusement park, hoping to find her perfect gentleman.

I cannot say why I enjoyed this so much. There was just something about it that was just so over the top and hilarious, that I couldn't help but laugh and find it funny. The acting was well done, but still over the top, but I'm definitely looking at Keri Russell as an actress to look more at in the future. I was very surprised by her acting skills, even though over the top, she did it well and brought utter life to the character of Jane, and it was absolutely brilliant.

I didn't think too much of the rest of the film past Russell's performance. The humour and romance wasn't quite my type or to my enjoyment, but as I said, because it was so over the top, I couldn't help but laugh.

However, it's rare that a film does over the top well, and I think Austenland is a perfect example of what can happen when a director gets that right. The actors all worked together, and everything just became perfect for this film in particular. I don't think another rom-com could have pulled it off as well as Austenland did.

This is a really good feel good film and I would recommend it to those who love a good rom-com. Although not my style, I could definitely see myself watching this again during a break up or a similar toned part of my life.

Reviewed by Crie Nury 7 / 10

believe in love and your dream will come true

I just watched Austenland on TV, this is the very first time i saw the movie and i'll watch it later for more. The plot was amazing, Jane goes to her dreamland to find a perfect man to love. She found one and one more and she's leaving her reality into a dream that she doesn't believe before. She never expect a perfect man can find her,but in Jane Austen's theme park she has to face her dream come true. Finally, she think deeply and realize all dreams are build to serve her needs of a perfect man. Jane leaving her dream into reality and has a great experience with her passion. And in the last ironic scene, she found that her dream comes into her real life. A perfect man to love and having guts to admit that she's his fantasy.

Reviewed by spiritprintables 10 / 10

Such a perfect blend of romance and comedy

I really enjoyed this movie. I was worried that as a fan of Pride and Prejudice that I would hate it, but I found myself captivated and wanting to share it with all of my friends. Who also are now huge fans of this movie! The lead actors, Keri Russel and JJ fields play really convincing and charming modern counterparts to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. The supporting characters are all affable and do a fantastic job at making you laugh throughout the film. The humor does not take away from the romance, which was surprising. Mr. Nobley (JJ fields) was just as dashing and swoon worthy in his own right. Whenever you are in the mood for the romance of Pride and the Prejudice, but wish for something that will make you laugh, watch this movie. Watch the first 20 minutes and you will be in love. It has a similar story elements as Pride and Prejudice while being completely unique. The parallels are subtle, but satisfying. Now I want to read the book Austenland.

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