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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevechams 2 / 10

Terrible Costumes

Here's my take on the movie. Story...okay. The US Army uniforms are a joke. They looked like slobs and no one was in the same uniform. White t-shirts, green t-shirts and black t-shirts on the same base. Doesn't happen. If you're going to make a movie with soldiers in it, at least do some research. It killed me to look at the Army General's uniform. He had a Navy Achievement Medal and a Combat Action Ribbon (Marines) but no Army medals... once again do 2 minutes of research to make it a bit more believable. I started to tune it out when the CPT said, it happened at zero twelve hundred (01200?). When is that? If they would have at least got actors with military haircuts and the right uniforms, I may have watched it all the way through. I only watched as much as I did because Mikayla Campbell is pretty dang hot.

Reviewed by jerymid314 1 / 10


Nope. That's all that should have been said when the idea for this movie was pitched. It is beyond terrible. I only finished it because I was watching it with a friend. We kept laughing and thinking it must get better at some point but again, nope. If you like horrible movies this could be for you but I doubt it even then. I haven't actually watched "Birdemic" but i can't see how it could honestly be worse than this. I actually made this account just to warn people about this filth. The plot make no sense at all, the continuity problems are the only consistent thing, and the action scenes are ridiculous. The acting is worse than that of an "actual doctor" for an infomercial. Small spoiler... if you do watch it, the villain will be your favorite character because he never actually speaks.

All in all, don't watch it sober at least...

Reviewed by lee33791505 1 / 10

Save yourself some time and skip this piece of crap.

Would give this a zero if it was possible. I knew this was crap in the first 5 minutes when I saw the title sequence. VFX is amateurish, looks like someone thought by watching Video CoPilot tutorials would be enough to work on a movie. Blood splatter effects straight out of Action Essentials. I mess around with After Effects for fun/hobby and I could easily do a more professional job and that's pretty sad. Fight scenes are repetitive, boring and cheesy. Story is boring. Editing is boring with pacing issues. Boring characters you don't care about. I can usually find something redeeming in the crappiest movies that I can appreciate, but this didn't have anything. Just all around bad. Avoid at all cost.

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