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Gerard Butler as Attila the Hun
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Epic portrayal about Attila , including court intrigue , romances , treason and impressive battles

Attila's feats in the Western and Eastern Roman Empires with a lot of historical incorrectness . This Attila" (2001) miniseries by Dick Lowry boasts a good cast , such as Gerard Butler as Attila the Hun , Powers Boothe as Aetius , Simmone Mackinnon as Ildico and Red Rogers as Valentinian . It deals with Attile from when in childhood he saw how his his parents were killed , as well as his kingdom , until death , and is set during the waning days of Roman Empire , as the barbarian Huns are making their way toward Europe . A valiant warrior named Attila (Gerard Butler) violently assumes Hun leadership confronting his brother Bleda (Tommy Flanagan) . But this is not enough for him , Attila seeks to create an empire and he will stop at nothing to accomplish it . In an attempt to quell a Hun invasion , ambitious Roman General Flavius Aetius (Powers Boothe) attempts to form an alliance with the eastern Roman emperor Theodosius (Tim Curry) and Visigoth King Theodoric (Liam Cunningham) scheming against their mutual enemy . While Attile attempts to march against Rome but this plan backfires , and it soon becomes clear that a violent confrontation between all three armies awaits . Against the ravaging hordes of Attila stood a warrior's might and a people's faith! . Against his ruthless pagan lusts , the power of a woman's love!

This is a spectacular TV series full of historic inaccuracy and being well starred Gerard Butler as Attila . It results to be an epic adventure yarn set in 5th-Century about the chieftain Attila the Hun who joins the warring clans under his banner , as he was a leader of the Hunnic Empire , a tribal confederation consisting of Huns , Ostrogoths , and Alans among others , on the territory of Central and Eastern Europe , while Roman Empire is bristling under the leadership of cunning General Aetius and of the incompetent Caesar Valentinian . This spectacular movie contains action , breathtaking battles , thrills , romance , hokey historical events and the crowed scenes of the Huns are impressively made . Big production design , lavishly produced , brilliant photography and rousing soundtrack as you'd expect from a big-budgeted TV movie at the time . There takes place a fictitious battle of wits and wills between Attila/Gerard Butler and Aetius/Powers Boothe . Gerard Butler dominates with his bravery this historical adventure , while Valentiniano , being grumpily performed by an overacting Reg Rogers . Great support cast provide some solid secondary interpretations such as : Alice Krige , Liam Cunningham , Kirsty Mitchell , Jonathan Hyde , Steven Berkoff , Tommy Flanagan and Andrew Pleavin as Orestes . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Steven Fierberg . Evocative as well as thrilling musical score by Nick Glennie-Smith . The motion picture was professionally directed by TV series expert , Dick Lowry, though it has some flaws and historical mistakes .

The picture is partially based on historical events about Attila , Marciano , Valentiniano , Pulcheria and emperor Teodosio . During his reign , Attila was one of the most feared enemies of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires . He crossed the Danube twice and plundered the Balkans, but was unable to take Constantinople . His unsuccessful campaign in Persia was followed in 441 by an invasion of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire , the success of which emboldened Attila to invade the West. He also attempted to conquer Roman Gaul (modern France) , crossing the Rhine in 451 and marching as far as Orleans before being defeated at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains . He subsequently invaded Italy , devastating the northern provinces , but was unable to take Rome . As Attila marches across Empire to Rome and things look bleak for the weakened imperial forces . Emperor Valentinian III sent three envoys , the high civilian officers Gennadius Avienus and Trigetius , as well as the Bishop of Rome Leo I , who met Attila at Mincio in the vicinity of Mantua and as the conqueror had an awe of the power of the Christians' God , he obtained from him the promise that he would withdraw from Italy and negotiate peace with the Emperor . Finally , Aecio vanquished Attile in Chalons . He planned for further campaigns against the Romans but died in 453 . After Attila's death his close adviser Ardaric of the Gepids led a Germanic revolt against Hunnic rule, after which the Hunnic Empire quickly collapsed .

Other films dealing with this historical character are the followings : ¨Attila¨(1953) Pietro Francisci with Anthony Quinn , Sofia Loren and Henry Vidal as general Aecio . ¨Sign of the pagan¨(1954) by Douglas Sirk with Jack Palance , Jeff Chandler , Ludmilla Tchérina , Moroni Olsen . And ¨The Nibelungos , vengeance of Siegfried¨ (1967) by Harald Reinl with Herbert Lom as Attila .

Reviewed by Wuchak 8 / 10

Excellent sword & sandal flick with Gerard Butler and Powers Boothe

Released to TV in 2001 and directed by Dick Lowry, "Attila" is a historical epic taking place during the waning days of the Roman Empire in the first half of the 5th century where a barbarian named Attila (Gerard Butler) assumes Hun leadership and unites the divided clans. Attila seeks to form an empire and views Rome, under the incompetent leadership of Caesar Valentinian (Reg Rogers), ripe for Conquest. To quell a Hun invasion, ambitious General Flavius Aetius (Powers Boothe) attempts to form an alliance with Attila against their mutual enemy, Visigoth King Theodoric (Liam Cunningham). But the strategy backfires and there must be a showdown between the three armies.

Pauline Lynch and Tommy Flanagan stand out as Attila's soothsayer and rivalrous brother respectively. Kirsty Mitchell and Alice Krige are likewise on hand as Valentinian's sister and mother while Simmone Mackinnon shines as Attila's love interest in an interesting dual role. Kate Steavenson-Payne plays Aetius' daughter and Tim Curry the ruler of the Eastern Empire, Theodosius.

I wasn't expecting much from "Attila," especially after seeing the contemporaneous TV epic "Druids," which is astonishingly amateurish (albeit worthwhile in a so-bad-it's-good way), but I was pleasantly surprised. Despite its TV-budget limitations, "Attila" is one of the greatest sword & sandal flicks I've ever seen. "Braveheart"? "Gladiator"? These pale in comparison. No kidding. Not in the realm of technical quality, since those movies cost way more to make, but in the realm of quality characters and compelling story. Sure, there's a comic book tone to the proceedings, but the story moves briskly, never getting bogged down, and the complications of the events are made palatable. The cinematography, costumes, score and locations are notable, although some of the Roman sets are dubious.

Butler makes for a worthy protagonist even though it is said that the barrel-chested Attila was short of stature with half-Asian features (Gerard is 6'2" and Scottish). There are several historical inaccuracies, but no more so than the two hailed movies noted above.

The film runs 177 minutes and was shot in Lithuania.


Reviewed by bayardhiler 8 / 10

A Fun, If Not Slightly Inaccurate at Times, Look at Attila and Late Roman History

Attila the Hun. It's a name that conjurers up the deepest feeling of fear in those who hold civilization in high regard, so much so the very name itself has become a by word for barbarian and brutality. With that said, what better character to focus on than in an exclusive two part mini-series, like the 2001 USA Network produced "Attila" does. Starring Gerard Butler in the title role, it's a film that dives into the late stage of Roman history, the rise and increasing strength of the barbarians who would eventually overtake her, and of course, Attila and his ferocious Huns. In the beginning of the film, we are told that Rome, "although weak, decadent, and corrupt", is still the most powerful nation on earth. Then a new people, the Huns, appear on the scene, to challenge the might of Rome herself (Shivers!). From this, we are introduced to Attila as a boy living with his tribe on the Hungarian plains, when one day, a raiding party murders his father and immediate family and it is only through his wits and refusal to back down that Attila survives. After being taken in by his Uncle Rua (Steven Berkoff), Attila grows up to be a master warrior and strategist, competing with his brother Bleda (Chibs himself, Tommy Flanagan) just as much as he is with his uncle's reluctance to take on Rome. He soon gets his chance, though, through a series of events that start with recently released Roman general Flavius Aetius (Powers Booth) coming to the Huns to ask their help in defeating a group of Goths, another barbarian group, who are threatening Gaul (Modern day France). While at first an ally of Aetius and Rome, Attila eventually gains enough power of his own to ransack and invade the Eastern Roman Empire and in time, the West as well. Everything leads up to a battle of wills between the forces of civilization and the barbarian horde, or so the Romans would have us believe. In truth, as history tells us, the Romans were just as savage and conniving in their own way and through this film, we are able to see that as well.

"Attila", although not a perfect film, is entertaining and a fun way to view some history. As far as acting is considered, Gerard Butler pulls the head role off without a hitch. Determined to lead his people to greatness, we never feel that Butler isn't giving it his all in the role, be he riding his horse into battle or acting with depth in the dramatic scenes involving his true love, N'Kara (Simmone Mackinnon). Believing it his destiny to conquer and rule the world, we feel eager for Butler's Attila to succeed, though it should probably be noted that the real Attila was someone who wasn't afraid to massacre people and even whole cities if it suited his purposes and to be fair, the film does show a little bit of that here and there. As to the other roles, everyone here hits their mark, whether it's Power Booth as the scheming but somewhat noble Aetius, Reg Rogers as the childish Emperor Valentinian, Alice Krige as his conniving mother, Placida, or Simmone Mackinnon in the dual roles of N'Kara and Ildico and many more who I don't have the space for. Another plus is the ability of the filmmakers to add a little bit of magic, prophecy, and intrigue to the history the film is depicting. Director Dick Lowry and writer Robert Cochran should be congratulated for making us, the audience, root for the "Scourge of God".

Even though this was produced on a television budget, "Attila" manages to do a reasonably good job of transporting us back in time, albeit with a few inaccuracies. Many of these you can find on IMDb's goofs page, but one prominent example is the Roman uniforms used in the film. By this time, the Roman Empire of Caesar and Augustus was but a distant memory. Rome at this time was broken into two empires - one in the east, the other the west - and was all but relying on barbarian tribes for its defense, which often involved pitting one group against the other. So one would not have seen the impressive legionaries uniforms during this time that you see here. Another big one involves the Huns themselves, who probably would have had Asian features instead of Caucasian ones (Interesting thing about the Huns, though, is that we're still not sure where they actually first came from and it's quite possible they may have intermingled with other peoples during their migration to and time in Europe). Still, mistakes aside, the movie boasts some decently done battle scenes, good action, captivating story telling, and a little bit of sex appeal. "Attila" may not be the most accurate look at the Huns and late Roman history, but why let that spoil a good story? And besides, at the very least, the movie may serve to inspire people to look into the real history of Attila the Hun, as it did me when I saw it as a young boy in my mother's living room all those years ago. And on that note, check out some historical fun and intrigue with 2001's "Attila".

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