Attack of the Killer Donuts


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 3.8 10 800


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C. Thomas Howell as Officer Roberts
Justin Ray as Johnny Wentworth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pizzapower-89117 10 / 10

Know what you're watching!

I love B-movies! And I have been looking forward to this for a while! When it came out it was so much fun to watch with friends! The reviews I have been seeing occasionally are unfair and the reviewer completely miss the point of the movie! When I went to watch this film I expect purposefully awful camerawork, horrid editing, and non existed acting. This movie lured me with a B-movie plot, and generic B-movie characters, but to my surprise it had nice editing, decent camerawork, and I fell in love with the actors characters. The Jokes were hilarious, and the special effects were laughable, but still did the job. This whole film was meant to be bad, but even then looked better than I imagined. My only issue was some of the raunchiness was so over the top at some times it kind of pulled me out of the film at times. But other than that and the occasional use of a fart joke. This was a gem I will not regret watching.

Also I would have rated 7 however I am compensating for the unfair reviews. ;)

Reviewed by vsteiner-19036 9 / 10

A science experiment goes wrong and killer donuts are on the loose.

Scott Wheeler's Attack of the Killer Donuts has the perfect combination of scary and comical. With man-eating donuts on the loose, friends embark on an adventurous trip where they try to save as many people as possible. The witty banter between the two characters made the movie unbearably funny. The comedy in this film was brought out by the film soundtrack. The action scenes when Johnny (Justin Ray) and Michelle's (Kayla Compton) fought against the donuts was downplayed by the scoring making it more comical. I'd recommend this movie to young adults who like self-aware horror films.

Reviewed by colehrogers 8 / 10


Horror comedies have the unique ability to make viewers laugh at uncomfortable or gruesome scenes! Attack of The Killer Donuts utilized this production tool perfectly to describe is story of killer donuts, cheesy characters and undeniably funny one liners. Depicting a tale of science experiments gone wrong and killer donuts from the local bakery, this self-aware comedy is an absolute classic. I loved the film and will definitely watch again! Enjoy!

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