Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
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Michael J. Fox as Milo James Thatch
Jim Varney as Jebidiah Allardyce 'Cookie' Farnsworth
James Garner as Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke
Leonard Nimoy as King Kashekim Nedakh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonconnormustlive-46298 10 / 10

Excellent! Amongst Disney's most underrated films!

Atlantis: The Lost Empire follows the small but smart Milo (Michael J. Fox), he's struggling to get any funds to cover his proposed search for the lost city of Atlantis. He is recruited for a mission to do just that. He embarks on a journey of perils, discovery and betrayal.

For some reason that I can't figure out Atlantis was heavily bashed by critics when it was first released. I recall going to see this movie when I was 7 at a drive-in theater. I found this movie to fun and enthralling. Now 17 years later I find to still be a thrilling adventure, one that does not deserve the negativity it has received from some.

The animation is perfect, the voice-cast is great! The characters are fun, diverse and likeable. It's not a musical but the movies soundtrack is still wonderful. The action scenes are exciting and memorable. The jokes are funny!

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a must in the Walt Disney Animated Studios canon

Reviewed by datautisticgamer-74853 8 / 10

Another obscure gem (or should I say crystal?)

As I had to return to Chicago tomorrow, I recommended to my aunt that we view this as a parting gift. It was the first time I had seen this film in over 16 years, so it felt fascinating to view it on VHS after all this time between her house and some theater I don't remember from my infancy. So what do I appreciate about this film?

The story is rather nice with its idea of combining modern technology with what people in 1914 believed would be the near future, as well as providing a different perspective on Atlantis than the usual mythology. It isn't acted to its fullest (I noted some parts where Michael J. Fox's performance as Milo felt really off), but does pull off the occasional gag and passable action. I believe Lyle to be in the mid-tier of Disney Villains, as he has an impressive motivation but doesn't carry it out too effectively. The characters are a rather strong suit of this movie, with Milo of course having a familial legacy to develop and the Atlanteans being significantly more sophisticated than a society buried for centuries underwater would suggest initially. I found the specialists to be a tad above standard for somewhat minor characters, but they did contribute enough in the action and gags departments that I did have some fun. By far, however, the animation is the best thing about this movie; the character designs are really catching and the environments are among the best I have ever seen in a Disney movie. And oh goodness, the effects... I just can't describe them. And it's at that point when you know Disney is on another level altogether.

As forgotten as this movie is in the Disney canon, the animation is sure to please Disney fans. Ones who have sci-fi hold them to captivity will likely get something out of this, though it's more for a slightly older audience compared to the average Disney movie. That said, families can enjoy it just fine.

Reviewed by Elliott-Brewster77 8 / 10

Head-first into adventure

There have been many animated Disney movies that have come and gone, and most of them had cutesy characters and memorable songs. Not here though. But that makes this a black sheep among the Disney lineup. Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy this movie and it took me a while to see it. But it turned out to be entertaining. Steampunk and action, as well as a plot that looked like it came out of Jules Verne or Indiana Jones. If you want a different kind of animated movie, great. If you still enjoyed those musicals with cutesy characters, no deal. But that depends on what you like. So try to go in with an open mind and you'll enjoy it.

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