Atlantic Rim: Resurrection


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 1.7 10 420


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrianbalan-83330 1 / 10

It's a rare sight to see a movie this bad ...

Actually I watched this movie as I thought It was a sequel of Pacific Rim (6.9 on IMDB). It isn't. It is a sequel of Atlantic Rim , 1.7 on IMDB. The acting is really bad (maybe with the exception of Jenna Enns), the graphics are worst that my Z80 was able to do, the script ... was really a script to begin with ? :) Skipped through it after the first 5 minutes. Do not waste your time :(

Reviewed by marceldam 1 / 10

This can't be...

This is garbage, trash or whatever and a been waste of time and my money...

Reviewed by Rastus Niral 1 / 10

Do not need a functioning brain to watch this 2

The distributors are Asylum. That word "Asylum" should be used as a warning to movie goers around the world. The acting was extremely bad, even by Asylum's standards. The "story" is as understandable as the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics. The special effects were extremely "special" (as "special" as that person everyone knows and avoids). Asylum should be taken to court for numerous rip offs of big movie productions. It beggars belief that this company is still in existence and that no movie company has sued them. This movie is so bad that I want to start up a GoFundMe page so that I personally can commence legal action to shut this company down.

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