At Any Price


Action / Drama / Sport / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 6467


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Zac Efron as Dean Whipple
Heather Graham as Meredith Crown
Maika Monroe as Cadence Farrow
Kim Dickens as Irene Whipple
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Floated2 4 / 10

Odd pairing drama

At Any Price was marketed as a father-son drama about their different conflicts regarding the personal careers of both characters (Dennis Quaid & Zac Efron). It is quite such but in regards, both the characters having different aspirations. Quaid wants to be a successful family farm owner while Efron wants to be a professional race car driver. The movie is rather odd is some parts and not as touching or sensitive as lead to believe. With not very likable characters (especially Dennis Quaid) who mails in another performance, and Efron's character of being disrespectful to those in his corner.

The best parts about the film were those featuring Zac Efron with the racing stunts, as this was the better plot and should have been the main focus, instead of Dennis Quaid and his corrupt seed farming/internally business. Things that were in question were a scene where Efron crashes his car into a tree (accidentally- driving in a cropfied) then is sent to a hospital. Later once he comes out of the hospital, he suddenly doesn't want to become a Nascar driver anymore and decides to quit (this was leading up to a scene after he had a bad turnout at a race). Overall, it was a very weird and off switch for the character, where we first see his keen aspirations of becoming a great race car driver then one bad finish and an accident causes a quit of his dream.

The ending last 20 minutes or so (once his character 'accidentally' kills the rival) is quite something. The thought process and characters of both Quaid and Efron didn't seem as real people, and in the very end, the truth was never set free by either character. The film just ends. Poor ending but it was understood as the writers possibly didn't want to drag on. Though another 10-15 minutes could have worked. All together, At Any Price is quite a forgettable drama with little to nothing to prove that we have not seen before.

Reviewed by jmreeder 8 / 10

excellent film

An excellent story about ordinary lives and what we are willing to do to preserve the security of our ordinary lives. This might be a great film; it is certainly a fine film, and I strongly recommend it. The film takes you into the world of mid-west farming, and it explains the seed business in a very human and American way, which I did not previously understand. Overlaying the seed business situation is a flawed, ordinary, heroic man who protects his family. As I said, it might be great.

Reviewed by leonblackwood 3 / 10

Everyday family drama! 3/10

Review: Personally, I found this movie pretty boring but the storyline wasn't to bad. Dennis Quaid plays Henry Whipple, who wants his rebellious son, Dean (Zac Efron) to help expand the family business but Dean wants to become a professional racing car driver, which puts a strain on there relationship. Dean has a string of awards under his belt, for his racing skills but when he loses an important race, which is being watched by some potential investors, he goes into depression and his rebellious behaviour becomes worse. Meanwhile, his father's farm is under investigation because of some wrong doings with some seeds, so his son takes matters into his own hands, to find the culprit who hired the investigators. After an alteration with another farmers son, his father helps him to cover up what he has done, which brings them closer as a family. Dean then helps the business and brings in some important customers but his father finds it hard to live with the guilt. Its a touching story which has some emotional moments but I did find It a bit boring after a while. The acting is average from Efron and the rest of the cast but Quaid stands out from the rest. In all, it's an average movie which is watchable but not one that you can watch time and time again. Average!

Round-Up: This is definitely one of those films that are made for TV, even with the popular Zac Efron in the cast. Its written and directed by Ramin Bahrani, 40, who brought you 99 Homes and a couple of short movies. The storyline isn't that entertaining, which might explain it's late release on DVD and the profit at the box office is pretty poor, so it didn't go down well with audiences. With that aside, I was quite surprised with the major turn in the movie, after the alteration in the field but apart from that, it's your everyday family drama which is basically what it says on the tin.

Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $490,000

I recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/thrillers starring Zac Efron, Dennis Quad, Kim Dickens, Clancy Brown, Heather Graham, Maika Monroe and Chelcie Ross. 3/10

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