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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Nick Nolte as Werewolf
Rosanna Arquette as Gus's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Julie Trotter (hedwig0109) 4 / 10

I really wish i had read the rating on here prior to watching the film...

though i probably wouldn't have then watched it, but that's my point. but u never know right? there are some films that get a low rating or people dislike & i think are great (not tons, but a sprinkling) & others that are very highly rated & reviewed that i think are soooo overrated! anyway, i wouldn't say this film was "bad". i don't regret seeing it per se. i regret paying 3 different times on PPV because there was always some type of issue going on. AND i love krysten ritter (though she's getting pretty typecast now, coulda been her exact "breaking bad" character, et al), & iggy pop was in it (LOVE), a lot of great actors in cameos basically. it was just kinda bleh. i was going to say nothing happened, but stuff did happen, it just was kinda pointless & didn't really make me feel anything one way or another. THAT is how i judge films, on what & how much they make me feel! along w/plot, character, storyline, acting, etc etc. cheers :)

Reviewed by Jumpygrouch 8 / 10

Beautiful take on a 60s-70s theme

Visually this film is stunning and the accompanying soundtrack is perfect. Choreography of the scenes is also superb.I would say this is the most visually perfect movie I've seen in years, bringing to mind The Blue Light, High Noon and other beautifully filmed movies whose images stay with you. Everyone but Krysten Ritter is perfectly cast. Unfortunately having been in similar situations when I was young, I know that she had no idea what this girl was like -- her lines worked, she just didn't know what person would be saying these things and she just isn't that person. It kept taking me out of the movie. Too bad, with better casting, it might have become a classic.

Reviewed by thomaswalker5000 6 / 10

Reluctant Love & Karmatic truth's realized on life's journey

This dark romance film is about reluctance as the central element that define's the circumstances involved to bring these two young adults together. In what is only seen as a slow motion train crash. Based upon not looking at the obvious problems of the two individual's to cope with each others reality life styles. They eventually click with one another on shallow grounds for any thing in the not so distant future that has any substance of positive direction in there tragic circumstantial situation from moment to moment. Note: Cutting to the chase the end scene is were there's a meaning full "cross road fork in the road moment were Gus simply does a 360 degree "turn around" in his destination after sadly parting from his muse love interest and motivation perhaps Ruby played by Kristen Ritter. To change his intentions as a new start to a better road perhaps from the slow miserable one he been walking towards ???.."Its not such a bad film,just view it to the ending"The last scene where Gus does a 360% turn around for the better we should hope.

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