Assassin's Bullet


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Donald Sutherland as Ambassador Ashdown
Timothy Spall as Dr. Kahn
Bashar Rahal as Abdullah Said
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lupaus3 3 / 10

Let's be serious. This is not 0 or 1 out of 10. Let's not exaggerate.

This is a 3 out of 10 film if there ever was one. The production is mediocre, sound is clear and audible, lighting is professional, not TV quality nor cinema quality, but TV film quality, the acting is what it is and the story is garbage.

There is no point in this film.

Things just happen. There are so many sides to the story but we never know what their motivations are. People just do things because.

Lots of weird things. Bulgarian Turks understand Arabic for some reason (so they speak Bulgarian, Turkish and Arabic, from Indo-European, Turkic and Semitic, three completely different language trees. They're that good, but they choose to spend their intelligence smoking hookah, watching bellydancers and drinking tea.) Oh, and not one of them says "I didn't get it. Could someone translate?"

Then Robert (main character) speaks Bulgarian also, he just chooses not to speak it. They ask him in Bulgarian, he answers back in English. I guess the Bulgarians speak English too, but they also choose not to speak it.

I don't know how Robert learned Bulgarian so fast (a matter of days?), but I'm Russian and even I needed subtitles because I understood nothing.

He understood everything, but he did not dare say one word in Bulgarian.

It's not just these inconsistencies, but this is just proof of poor writing and poor understanding of geopolitics.

There are random scenes of bellydancing to really stretch out the runtime. Is there a point to this?

Islam is the flavor of the decade, so Bulgaria decided to jump on board.

The sad thing is that Bulgaria has a lot more interesting stories to tell. The attempted assassination of the Pope is still not understood, a conspiracy that theorists link to the USSR, the KGB, Bulgarian secret service, The Turkish Grey Wolves, East German police, an inside job (Vatican) and so many more.

Create a new story like this with new actors, the FSB, Putin, CIA, multinational corporations, etc. instead of the boring topic of Islamic terror which has flooded cinema, TV and now TV movies.

Finally, if anyone is interested in some serious Bulgarian TV, watch Pod Prikritie (Undercover).

Sofia or whatever they call this film is just crap.

Reviewed by Dave Thompson 6 / 10

Not as bad as all that!!!!

A short time ago, I was given a box of DVD's, some of which I have never even heard of. I have made a point not to be influenced by reviews, so made it a specific task of mine not to go on to IMDb until I have finished watching the movie. Sofia (or Assassins Bullet) was certainly a movie that I'd never heard of and, being a sucker for most movies filmed in continental Europe, thought I'd give it a view. When finishing the film, I have to admit to being surprised at the average rating on IMDb and the poor reviews. At the end of the day, it wasn't as bad as all that. I found it very intriguing and have to admit, without giving too much away, didn't suss about the belly dancer straight away. Elika Portnoy certainly turns in a very good performance as the female lead. It was good see Christian Slater as it seemed ages since I'd seen him and Donald Sutherland was what Donald Sutherland has become of late in his movies.......sly, artful, deceiptful. Is he one of the good guys...or is he bad. I think we all know which is favourite!! My main fault with the movie though is that there were certain areas where I actually worked out certain situations after I'd finished watching it.....important things that were never fully explained but needed to be. This is quite difficult to describe without giving plot spoilers, so I will stop there. Sofia was filmed in Bulgaria by a mostly Bulgarian crew. It certainly opened my eyes as to what a fascinating multi cultural country it is. I never realised...but given it's proximity to Turkey, i suppose I should have known better. Anyway, Sofia is certainly not the best film ever made and contrary to other reviews, it's definitely not the worst. This intriguing little thriller is definitely not a one star movie.

Reviewed by daggersineyes 1 / 10

Absolute tripe

I'm sorry but this movie has ZERO redeeming features - even Slater & Sutherland can't save it. It's badly produced, directed, written, filmed, edited etc. The script is laughable. The "whodunnit" non-existent (it's obvious what's going on from the start). There's no-one likable in the movie - Christian Slaters character comes closest but the script and lack of character development just leave you feeling like he's a cardboard cutout - made worse by the generic "tragic backstory" so badly exposed you feel nothing for him. The lead actress who needed to carry this film is atrocious - completely incapable of delivering a line, acting or in any way drawing in the viewers interest and amazingly unattractive, not so much in the physical sense (although she really isn't an oil paining) but she has no charisma or magnetism at all. Seriously...... where did they dig her up from? On top of all this horrendously awful quality we are subjected to long scenes of very bad belly dancing from not very attractive women (ie the unattractive lead) and incredibly sexist & misogynistic attitudes & comments all the way through. As if that's not enough. they kill the dog.

If you were thinking of watching this on Netflix or something, seriously just don't. There is nothing here to watch. You'd get more entertainment from watching grass grow - and less irritation.

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