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Danny Dyer as Jamie
Holly Weston as Chloe
Gary Kemp as John Alberts
Martin Kemp as Lee Alberts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by urquhartmarion 6 / 10

Not as bad as reviews say

I really don't usually like Danny Dyer films that much but this is really not as bad as many of the other reviews would have you believe. Sure some of the acting is a bit iffy but the story isn't reply that bad!!! Now I have seen some really awful movies and I really can't in all honesty list this as one of them. As I said I don't usually like Danny's films - same character in every movie just plonked into different scenarios, however I found in this film that he actually could do a bit of acting. I hate not finishing a movie no matter how bad it is but Assassin wasn't one of them. The lady interest wasn't the best at acting but was OK. I was very disappointed in the Kemp brothers however, they are usually much better at acting but were rubbish in this movie. Could have been the direction or something I don't know but something was off. Honestly not as bad as is made out but not a fantastic movie either. If you don't really like low budget British movies then don't watch this but if you don't mind them then give it a go.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

The Kemps are great, although the rest is a drag

ASSASSIN is a pretty lazy straight-to-video thriller for action man Danny Dyer, here mumbling his way through a clich├ęd plot in a pick-up-the-pay cheque type role. The story sees Dyer's assassin (a case of miscasting if ever there was one) working his way through various targets until he finds himself set up by his own bosses.

Everything about this film screams cheap, not least the script which is incredibly predictable from beginning to end. However, my interest was piqued by the presence of the Kemp brothers, Gary and Martin, playing two characters who could easily be the Kray twins twenty years later. The Kemps are great fun and I enjoyed their scenes, even if the rest of the movie is a drag despite the short running time.

Reviewed by dano-13594 1 / 10

What a bore

I like Danny dyer but in this film the whole cast were p**spoor this is by far the worst action film i have ever seen in my entire life. The story line... actually what the hell was the story line i think the film could have been a lot better with dyer and the Kemp brothers. I didn't get to the end because i remembered i have better things to do with my life but if it is in any way similar to the rest of the film i don't really care. I watched this film on Sky Cinema and i deleted it 45 minutes later after declaring it the worst assassin film i have ever watched. The director should have won the razzing for worst action film ever. By the way i wouldn't let someone on death row watch this as they would umber to the electric chair

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