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Olan Rogers as Walt Disney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 6 / 10

Even with the pretend acting and religious overtones the film illustrates Walt Disney's early life and how Walt imagined a better world through his visionary films

Yes the acting was somewhat played by cardboard actors and actresses who were obviously gathered together rather quickly with little preparation to memorize their lines. As a result it leaves us the viewers with an initial impression that it is a lousy film. Instead, since the film was not just about Walt Disney's growing years and his hungry years as a very young artist I must emphasize it was just as much about his big brother Roy's early life. I suggest you give the story a full view to understand what the director and writer were attempting to portray.

Try and ignore the subtle religious overtones but accept we are witnessing a simpler time in the first quarter of the 1900's and we are viewing the Disney families real life and series of events of the early 1900's. The Disney family was struggling to make a living as were most families in the pre-World War 1 days. Walt was born in 1901 and the Disney families ties as devout Congregationalist Christians is obvious throughout the film. I wanted to learn as much about Walt's early life as possible as his story of his Disney empire is intriguing. As the film focuses on Walt's earliest days moving from his birth place of the big city Chicago to the countryside in Marceline, Missouri and then back to the big city of Kansas City, Missouri, we learn about Walt's families financial struggles which is where we also learn about Walt's never ending positive attitude as a dreamer and with an aptitude for drawing that allows his surrounding world to be his canvas.

If you are wanting to see that magical moment when Walt actually becomes successful with such film classics as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or how he created Mickey Mouse then this film is not for you. Rather, this film focuses on the Disney family unit and the early influence his Aunt Margaret embedded in his heart and mind by bringing him his first tablet and coloring crayons which she always encouraged him with words of how talented Walt was.

Upon reviewing this film as a whole I do get it. No this is not a film of high quality with actors the caliber of Clooney, DeCaprio and/or DeNiro but the essence of a young Congregationalist Christian from Marceline, Missouri who was a caring and loving brother and future employer speaks well of Walt's early upbringing and of the film's ability to portray a young dreamer at the turn of the 20th century who came in to a bleak world and had a vision to make the world a much happier place which allowed people to laugh and cry in a secure and wonderful imagined film after film.

Overall, I liked it even with the cardboard acting and religious overtones because the story is real. That story being the early childhood and working years of a hungry and struggling artist named Walt Disney. I give the film a 6 out of 10 rating.

Reviewed by John A 2 / 10

Yes.. At the heart a good idea.. but PLEASE!

OK.. like everyone else says, REALLY BAD ACTING. I mean saying that this is a B-rated movie is almost an insult to B-Rated Movies. The only thing make me think that it could be a Walt Disney-like film is the Narrator. He's a bit simplistic and over-the-top too (making it sound like a documentary).

I could almost look past that and try to enjoy the story. But, bad editing is hard to look past without laughing. For those that are curious as to what I mean...

Answer me this, (26:09) who is the guy in the black shirt watching Mr. Disney talking to his boys about the paper route? Director maybe?

How did this movie even make it to the public. Wow.. Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave.

I would be surprised if it doesn't somehow lead to litigation.

Overall, it's just too bad that they just didn't care to make it worthwhile and memorable to honor the life of a man that has bought so much joy.

Reviewed by Kris 5 / 10

Great story - BUT....

The story of the beginning of a great artist... One of the most magnificent artist in modern history, and we get this?

A lot of the acting was stiff and lacked passion as well as compassion. It was like watching an amateuremovie... The setting was alright, partly the cinematography too, though i would expect something more bright and vivid when telling the story of an artist... Anyway...

The Disney family moves to Marceline - and young Disney learns important advices for future life. Already at that point in the movie, the poor acting shines through - or is it the directing, that lacks compassion?- I can't tell. The lines are great and quotable... But lacks life. :( And that's pretty much the same for the rest of the movie as the Disneys move on from one place to another.

Well, Elias Disney was great - and Walt the older grew by it.

the story IS worth telling, so watch the movie, if you want the story behind Disney. But if' you're looking for a good time... find another movie. I'm so sorry...

And the Ending? - I would expect some scenes from the successful Disney Studios - delivering something known - you know - to end the circle... So don't expect it. It won't happen.

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