Arthur & Merlin


Action / Fantasy

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David Sterne as King Vortigern
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Miracles Happen 10 / 10

Pure fantasy!

This is the story of how Merlin and Arthur got to meet each other. It is brilliantly developed and I just couldn't keep my eyes off the screen for the entire duration of the movie. The acting is superb and very convincing both for the villains and the heroes; I particularly liked the portrait of Merlin with all his oddities. The druid figure is also incredibly daunting. If you like this genre, you will not be disappointed because the landscape, the costumes and the acting are absolutely perfect. Be prepared for an incredible adventure!

Reviewed by florencealison 1 / 10

Absolute tripe. Abysmal.

It's very worrying that such a dreadful, completely awful film has been given decent reviews. I can only imagine that people associated with this feeble production or relatives of the actors have been busy giving it good publicity. It's a slow moving take on the Arthurian legend, clumsily filmed and badly acted. I am trying to be kind, but as others have said, the scenery is the films best feature. It really is painfully bad.

The people from the dark ages are clean, some have modern haircuts, the Wench's make up is full on, complete with false eyelashes, lipstick, highlighted hair and curls straight from her heated tongs. The new wicker fences surrounding the pathways are a dead giveaway that this is a low budget film. Add appalling acting, grimaces and gruff voices trying to convey urgency or danger, accompanied by a dreadful score and you have what amounts to an hilarious parody of the genre. It really is bad. There are no special effects, no magic, no mystery, nothing. This is a very poor man's attempt (think poorer than a Big Issue seller) at a Lord of the Rings type film. You'd be hard pressed to know it was about Merlin and Arthur.

The people writing favourable reviews must have seen a different film. This really is very poor. There is nothing to recommend it. However, if you need a 'bad film yardstick' this is the one to watch.

Reviewed by jmk1707 1 / 10


This is horrible, the acting is pathetic, the special effects looks like something out of the 90's and i can go on about the rest, but see for yourselves. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A PROPER MERLIN AND ARTHUR MOVIE??? The Merlin series (with Colin Morgan) was fantastic! So maybe create a movie in line with the series, or continuing where it ended (forever reigning king)

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