Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 4%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 3.9 10 2818


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Nicolas Cage as Eddie King
John Cusack as Sal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ghcheese 1 / 10

I had to watch. Look who's in it.

Never mind who is in this. This movie is so bad you'll ask for your money back. And you didn't pay to see it. Nicolas Cage, you can expect weird stuff out of him. But John Cusack, Really. Did you loose a bet. The scenes with blood are so fake I think maybe their grand children made the movie and forced them into being in it. Of course nothing could be complete without a Leave It To Beaver ending. Gee Whiz everything is just hunckey dorey. This movie will be my new punishment for those who loose a bet. Someone needed a write off so they threw their money out on this looser.

Reviewed by bwicks-81830 2 / 10

over the top.not believable

Nicholas Cage's performance was way over the top,not believable.his character was so inconsistent and out of control only an idiot junkie would have worked for him.the fake nose and hair were ridiculous.would not recommend this movie.John Cusack's

character was not maintained throughout the movie.It just stopped.It did have some points of interest.

Reviewed by tcab 1 / 10

A family black-sheep almost destroys his good brother and his family.

This is a totally stupid and disgusting and cynical movie. Stupid because the plot is so childishly contrived and derivative you'd have to be a moron to believe it. Disgusting not for the ridiculously over-the-top violence and gore, or Nicholas Cage's terrible acting, but how it insults your intelligence. And derivative because it sets a new standard for use of clich├ęs and crap we've seen a million times before.

It is also disgusting that impressionable and ignorant kids might see this movie, which is one big lie about life, about the effects of beating and brutality on its victims, etc. It is pure sadism for the sake of sadism, and there is nothing else in this movie to redeem it. Miller is the ultimate cynical panderer to the lowest taste level. He should be drummed out of the business.

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