Army of Darkness


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Embeth Davidtz as Sheila
Bridget Fonda as Linda
Sam Raimi as Knight in Sweatshirt and Sneakers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

The Evil Dead Series-Part 3:Army of Darkness.

Only having three titles by Dario Argento left to see (I ended up picking Phantom of the Opera,which apart from the continuing of a few themes was a missed opportunity for Dario) I decided to go for another movie to watch as a double bill on my 31st birthday. Receiving the complete set from very kind fellow IMDber Red-Barracuda,I decided that it was the perfect time to see the evil dead rise again.

View on the film:

Revving back to life after a five year gap, co-writer/(with brother Ivan) director Sam Rami & The Matrix cinematographer Bill Pope transfer the free-flowing ultra-stylisation of the first two onto a much larger canvas,with the extended,rapid-fire tracking shots of the first films morphing into explosive battle scenes that spin flying first-person shots across the sky towards their targets. Taking the series in a more open Fantasy/Ray Harryhausen-inspired direction,Rami tones down the gory horror shocks for playful Slap-Stick Horror (!) that ties Ash into Gulliver's Travels,and the Medieval setting allowing Rami to use Harryhausen-style stop-motion animation to bring an army of darkness back from the evil dead.

Sending Ash's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 into Medieval times, the screenplay by the Rami's chop their lone hero into a fish out of water adventure,where Ash's off the cuff one-liners leads to very funny gruff exchanges with the knights. Whilst less focused on the horror element,the writers do well twisting the Adventure tale into the Horror genre,as Ash is sent as a man on a mission to retrieve The Book of the Dead,and a surprising dip into Sci-Fi ends the trilogy on an excellent chilling note. Picking up the chainsaw again, Bruce Campbell gives a hyper-active performance as Ash,who leaps into action to take on the evil dead's army of darkness.

Reviewed by WubsTheFadger 8 / 10

Army of Darkness

Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadger

The story in this installment is the best bay far. The medieval aspect of it is just plain awesome.

The acting has gotten a lot better and Bruce Campbell's Ash is once again a badass.

The pacing is fast and the humor throughout the film is great. There are many hilarious moments that keep the film light.

The gore is not as gruesome as the first two films but the monsters are still fresh and unique. Some of the special effects are outdated but still good for 1992.

Pros: Great story, good acting, Ash being a bad, fast pacing, and some hilarious moments

Cons: Some poor special effects and not as gruesome as the first two films

Overall Rating: 8.3

Reviewed by zacharyherickson 10 / 10

Third and final splatter film of the evil dead series

Great third splatter film of the evil dead series, which also stars Bruce Campbell, which is also directed by Sam Raimi. Like the second splatter film of the evil dead series, this is another horror comedy. This is the most comedic movie of the three movie series. A must see! Watch the television series, called Ash Vs. Evil Dead! All of this is great movie stuff!

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