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Milo Ventimiglia as Eckehart
Matt Dillon as Mike Cochrane
Jean Reno as Quinn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supermaggie 3 / 10

Poor, immoral script with an awful, wrong, unjust ending

I try and not bash movies/shows just for having a lame plot, except when they are being extremely hyped - and unjustly so, but I feel I have to add my 5 (?) Cent whenever a show/movie is offensive or immoral, and this one is the latter. For no understandable reason Hackett is portrayed as the hero and being rewarded in the end, when all he does is getting about 6-7 people killed (or 5-6 killed and one nearly killed and probably handicapped for life) while it could have been only one dead (bad enough, but better than several more). No money and no wrongly understood sudden change of moral is worth these losses. First, he agreed to go along with it - very naively believing that no one will get hurt - which is always a possible outcome in things like these, and when it goes south, he is the one who makes it go to hell even more. It would still have been disloyal and somewhat questionable had he gone through with the theft and afterwards ratted out his fellow workers to the police. But endangering many people and getting Dobbs and Palmer and whoever dies in his bomb trap and Cochrone killed and Eckehart severely injured - that's the worst move he could do. Sure, he gets Eckehart into hospital, but I doubt he will fully recover from this severe injury he would not have gotten at all if it wasn't for Hackett - he must have known that this is the likely outcome, what was he thinking? One man coming and they all put down their weapons? Very egoistical! If this is how Hollywood perceives heroes, we are all doomed. If you writers cannot come up with better actions/characters/plots, then better not write anything at all. That's poisonous. Other than that the movie isn't good anyway, and that you cannot side with Hackett plus the interesting characters being killed off early, makes it even worse. A waste of great actors.

Reviewed by fmbr-1 4 / 10

Starts well but gets worse as it goes.

This film kind of annoyed me. It starts out pretty much as your standard heist film and even spends a fair bit of time developing the relationship between the thieves that are all armoured car workers. The plan is that the cars fake being hijacked and Ty Hackett, the hero, is brought in because he is the best friend and has real financial problems - a worry for any armoured car company owner.

Ty insists that no one should get hurt because he "can't go to jail" because he has to look after his little brother and when a homeless man gets murdered because he is a witness, Ty turns on his group and friends, despite the fact that he is now certain to go to jail.

The ending is fairly predictable where somehow and for reasons that I find completely unbelievable, Ty is rewarded rather than prosecuted despite numerous crimes that he is guilty of.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 3 / 10

Solid Crap.

Armored (2009): Dir: Nimrod Antal / Cast: Columbus Short, Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Lawrence Fishburne, Fred Ward: Standard action farce about bravery and recklessness. A crew of armored transport guards plan to rob millions from their own company but as predicted, everything that can go wrong, does including that witness that gets shot. Directed by Nimrod Antal who can shoot action but this film presents nothing really new or interesting. Even the production values showcase nothing new or interesting to resonate any excitement or care. Columbus Short is one of the few redeeming elements as a guard struggling to make ends meet, yet refuses to assist in the heist. Matt Dillon plays his long time friend and co- worker who sympathizes with Short's issues and promises that his fears will not happen. These two friends will be at odds as to the plan and will cat and mouse each other but the resolution is less than flattering. Jean Reno and Laurence Fishburne play fellow transport guards but they are totally cardboard. The rest of the characters are pretty much there to die at some point while trying to locate and kill Short. This film could have played out a theme regarding brotherhood and friendship but it seems poised only as an action violence flick at its very lowest. The result is standard action junk that should be crushed by an armored truck. Score: 3 / 10

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