Armed Response


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 16%
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Wesley Snipes as Isaac
Anne Heche as Riley
Dave Annable as Gabriel
Gene Simmons as Male Suspect
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 1 / 10

Your guess is as good as mine, when it comes to the plot.

This is the third time recently, I have been the only one in the cinema, and the second time in about a month for a movie which doesn't have a Boxofficemojo page, and with a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

A recently abandoned prison is ... haunted? Alive, ... via artificial intelligence? ... and kills a group of people working there, knowing that a specific military group would be sent to investigate, and it would be the same people who are responsible for a killing in Afghanistan, and this haunted/ alive prison kills them one by one, after having " judged them " , while each person individually plots to double cross and kill each other ... ? I don't know, this makes absolutely no sense, and​ it genuinely left me feeling disoriented afterward. I'm not joking, I sincerely felt like I was in a fog, and couldn't immediately think clearly after this one, basically speechless as to what I had just witnessed.

Director/ former actor John Stockwell has his moments, but this isn't one of them, but at least he, and cinematographer Matthew Irving, try to make this good looking, but novice screenwriter Matt Savelloni's incoherent screenplay sinks this from minute one. ( Why was the opening scene, of the kid dying, even here? It has no effect on the plot in any way. It seemed like it was going to be yet another film where the lead actor has to rise up, against all odds, and redeem themselves, but happily, that's​ not the case here. Faint praise that. )

Any Wesley Snipes' fans who may watch this just because he is in it, and featured prominently on the poster, will be sorely disappointed, as he:s just standing in the background during most scenes. There is no real main character here, most characters have about equal screen time, and a lot of it is just them looking in empty rooms, and shouting, " Clear! " for most of the early scenes.

The most baffling moment comes when the building comes to life, and grabs a guy by both arms, and simultaneously rips both arms out of their sockets

Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10

A Low Budget Action Jumble

Armed Response is a low budget action/sci-fi movie starring Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche amongst others. A special forces team is assigned a mission of going into a highly classified location known as The Temple. The Temple is where a super computer used to interrogate high profile suspects is located. Upon losing contact with the team which was guarding it, a rescue/investigative special-ops group is sent in to assess the situation. They discover that everyone is dead and that there is a wanted war lord locked up in the facility. The plot thickens when it turns out that the super computer in fact killed almost everyone and has now locked the new team in the facility and will not let them out. They have to work out how and why this is happening. From there the movie gravitates more towards sci-fi and horror action.

Overall it's a poor effort. It had some potential but it was wasted as the acting is wooden and the dialogue goes from mediocre to bad. The effects are as one would expect from a low budget production and the big twist is easily predicted and not that difficult to work out. The actors seemed to try but the story and script obviously did not leave much to work with. Not the worst movie out there but its predictable and not really worth the time of watching it either.

Reviewed by C W 1 / 10

Wesley Snipes must be desperate to have lent himself to this.

I wish I could have given this movie a zero because it doesn't deserve even one star. It is impossible to spoil the plot, actually, because there isn't one to speak of. The reason I ticked that box is because I am going to tell you how it ends, which is such a stupid ridiculous ending that I wanted to hurl. A bunch of armed characters - it wasn't obvious what 'agency' - arrive at a penal facility of a rather weird kind that has been compromised. Lots of time is spent checking empty rooms and shouting 'clear' before finally one dead body is found. A maniac is found locked inside a sensory withdrawal tank. The team members get bumped off one by one by some mysterious invisible enemy. Why they blaze away at "it" with apparently useless weapons (half of them only have pistols) is just one of the thousands of plot holes. Anyway, they all get killed in the end. And here it comes - what is the "enemy"? It is the building itself!! How a "building" can mangle them up is not apparent. Guy walking down a corridor suddenly starts blazing away and then argh! kabump! He's dead! Perhaps concrete walls can suddenly become space aliens? Do not waste part of your life watching this drivel. All I can conclude is that Wesley Snipes must be on his uppers and desperate for cash to have accepted a starring role in this tripe. I am certainly going to look VERY closely at the reviews of any more Wesley Snipes movies in future.

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