Are We There Yet?


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 25526


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Ice Cube as Nick Persons
Nia Long as Suzanne Kingston
Aleisha Allen as Lindsey Kingston
Tracy Morgan as Satchel Paige
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 9 / 10

The more you watch it, the more hilarious it is

Iv'e reviewed this flick at least twice on here on my old IMDb accounts which i forgot to delete, but whatever.

This is a new review after streaming this flick a lot of times.

There's a lot of movies that iv'e brought on Amazon Prime Video which i regretted and deleted due to them being total rubbish, but 'Are We There Yet?' is not one of them, i love this movie, the more you watch it the more hilarious it is, it is never boring, the dialogue is 99% clean and it's just a fun New Year's flick. I still think that there are a couple of stupid scenes (the scene with the fake deer and the scene where the boy goes to the toilet on the woman's face) those two scenes could have been excluded, but the majority of the flick is brilliant. Movie reviews are subjective because everybody has different individual opinions.

'Are We There Yet?' is comedy! and hilarious comedy at that! If you want to laugh i recommend this movie, but as i said everyone's taste on comedy is different. There's a lot of movies that are only worth renting, but this film is worth BUYING!

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 7 / 10

Better than the second film.

So Ice Cube plays a character named "Nick Persons" who owns a sports collectables store, he meets "Suzanne Kingston" played by Nia Long, he finds out she has two kids "Lindsey" and "Kevin", he doesn't like kids in general, but really wants to get to know this woman "Suzanne Kingston", they become friends, he offers to take her kids to Canada to meet her at her job, whether he wants more than friendship or is just being a friend is unclear, it seems to be both.

The majority of the movie is about "Nick" and the kids trying to get to Canada, the kids cause all kinds of mayhem making it difficult to get there. Nia Long is more of a supporting character, while the main characters are "Nick" and the kids.

The comedy factor is a 4 out of 10, there are only a couple of scenes that are actually humorous and one of them is with the car ticket inspector, it's a watchable film even though the majority of it is not even funny.

The performances are a 7 out of 10, Nia Long's performance is not very good even though she has very little screen time, the emotion that she is supposed to have at times is not believable enough, it's half- believable when she is arguing with her ex-husband on the phone at the airport, everything else especially at the end is just wooden acting on her part. Ice Cube gives a good performance, at times his performance is over the top example when he teaches "Kevin" how to do "the look", it is just so cringe-worthy that it isn't even funny, the kids are actually good actors, the girl is a bit more realistic than the boy, the faces that the boy pulls at times looks unnatural.

The majority of "Are We There Yet?" is great except for this one scene with the fake deer, the deer ends up in a physical fight with Ice Cube's character and the deer punches him as if it's a human being, they wrestle and the deer runs off, it's supposed to be funny, but it is just a really stupid scene, it would've been better if they'd have just had the deer look at them and walk off and have the kids say "wow" or something like that.

The beginning of the movie shows "Nick" buying an expensive flashy navigator car, the car ends up getting wrecked and completely destroyed by the end of the movie. We see "Nick's" frustrations with the kids, we see the kids go out of their way to make everything difficult for him, by the near end of the film "Nick" starts to have love in his heart for the kids even though they cause him so much trouble. There is an emotional scene where the kids go to visit their dad who apparently is sick and in bed, they go to his house only to see through the window that he is not sick at all and that he has a new baby and a new wife and looks happy, the kids are devastated, "Nick" finds them and has sympathy for them which helps him to start having love in his heart for them.

One of the main things about movies is that there is a lack of communication, we see this in this flick when "Suzanne" blames "Nick" for endangering her kids, he fails to explain everything and the kids do not speak up and admit all the havoc that they caused, scenarios like this can be frustrating for the viewers, but in the world of film there is always non-full communication so that by the end of a movie - characters can find out what truly happened which can make their relationships stronger and give it a non-boring ending.

The sequel is pointless and dull, we see by the end of this movie that "Nick" ends up with "Suzanne", so obviously they'll end up getting married and become a family, they didn't need to make a sequel to show us this, the sequel is more of the same thing, with mishaps happening only with a different plot. If you're going to make a sequel make sure the plot is strong enough to be as good as the first or even better.

If you still haven't seen these movies, watch this one and skip the sequel.

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 4 / 10

Something worse than looking after a Gremlin.

Are We There Yet? pits Ice Cube as a bumbling dad of sorts who deals with mischievous kids - it's like a modern "Home Alone" but without criminals, and also the fact that it's bad. In this case, the hard type formula in charge of naughty children ("The Pacifier", "Daddy Day Care") is used again. If before the protagonists were Vin Diesel or Arnold Schwarzenegger, now the tough man is Ice Cube, the rapper of rough letters that now declares "I wanna be like Eddie Murphy."

If already the starting point is not very promising, in the hands of Brian Levant ("Problem Child 2", "The Flintstones", "Beethoven, etc.), vulgarity arrives To unbearable extremes. It's a series of repetitive grown men falling down scenes and all sorts of bland old hi-jinks. Ice Cube is dating a woman with two mischievous kids, as she asks him to drive them to Vancouver in Canada to see her at a business trip. Ice Cube must deal with the kids treating him as "the enemy", pulling slapstick pranks here and there, forgiving them in the end, and making the once controversial rapper succumb to family films. AWTY? is repetitive and weak.

Family films of the 2000s are particularly bad, although AWTY? is at least entertaining. Seeing this movie can be worse if we do not transmute our mind to that of a 7 year old. Funny, but unprecedented. I, in the case of the protagonist, had committed a murder. But I have nothing to worry about is pure fantasy.

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