Are We Done Yet?


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 17312


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Ice Cube as Nick Persons
Nia Long as Suzanne Persons
John C. McGinley as Chuck Mitchell, Jr.
Aleisha Allen as Lindsey Persons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 2 / 10

Tear down this house!

I wasn't amused by the first film "Are We There Yet", I thought that it wasn't funny and I find Ice Cube to be pretty awful in comedic roles. I decided nonetheless to at least say I finished the franchise by reviewing the sequel "Are We Done Yet", one of the most repetitive slapstick bull movies I've ever seen that is filled with borrowing jokes and overusing them. Our disgruntled sports fan and stepfather Nick Parsons returns to buy a house that needs some fixing, resulting in simply hilarious slapstick scenarios where tough guy Ice Cube falls down or does something stupid or childish. To make matters worse both for Nick and for the audience, John C. McGinley steps in as Chuck, the small quaint town's real estate agent, inspector, construction worker, etc., also this wacky guru like comedic element that really overuses his bland and frankly embarrassingly dumb personality. The plot is poor, boring for a kids film and unfunny - it also "borrows" heavily from the 1986 Tom Hanks' film "The Money Pit". The humor is predictable and unfunny, Ice Cube can't do much as a comedic actor, he's just grumpy most of the time. Our previous main characters from the first film, Nick's stepchildren, have little to no importance and are rarely seen to make more time for wacky Chuck. AWDY's main problem is that it's not appealing to kids or adults, it's troubled in every aspect. What a disaster.

P.S. Answering to "bobyvsamos" comment that says this atrocious film was great, your name is a portmanteau of Bob Saget and John Stamos, go watch "Full House" instead of this abomination. Or you're limited to only watch black sitcoms?

Reviewed by bobyvsamos 7 / 10

Not that good but... have you seen scrubs?

OK... Ice cube is not ''consistantly funny'' but he has his moments. The script is somewhat good and the slapstick is... OK. Some jokes do work. And at some point Cube is being a huge ****... BUT!!!!

As a huge fan of Scrubs, seeing Doctor Cox on what seems to be the verge of a mental breakdown the whole way through the movie is pure. mother. loving. gold. IT IS PERFECT.

Better thing is the character is well written and really funny on his own but having that added bonus is just the best. I love this movie but I gotta admit, on it's own it's... OK.

Though it must be said I don't watch that many comedies and even for me some of this stuff is not the best. BUT DOCTOR COOOOX!!!!

Reviewed by Neddy Merrill 4 / 10

Not unwatchable, just not very good

Ice Cube (maybe time to drop that moniker) stray a long way from Compton in this inoffensive suburban family comedy that borrows liberally from the Tom Hanks / Shelly Long stinker "Money Pit". Note to the various credited screenwriters, if you are going to crib pick a decent film to do it from. Anyway, our sports-obsessed step-dad hero tangles with one of the more frightening friendly characters in a light comedy played by the distracting-ly athletic John C. McGinley. McGinley's character controls the local real estate market, government and contractors effectively seizing control of Cube's life, breaking up his marriage, imprisoning him, delivering his baby and reuniting his family but on his terms. Take out the half-hearted pratfalls by Cube and his low wattage comic meltdowns and you have yourself an eerie stalker flick. Maybe one of the writers threw in a little "Single White Female" as well. In short, the movie does follow a familiar arc and there's just enough goofiness to avoid being really awful.

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