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Sophia Loren as Yasmin Azir
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

International espionage at its most glamorous

Love thriller with a touch of comedy and have a lot of respect for Gregory Peck, Alan Badel, Sophia Loren, Stanley Donen and Henry Mancini. Plus the comparisons to 'Charade', a wonderful film and the very definition of the distinction "The Hitchcock film that Hitchcock never made". So 'Arabesque' had a lot going for it.

Getting the inevitable and often made comparisons to 'Charade', and any made out to Hitchcock (such as 'North By Northwest') quickly out of the way, 'Charade' is the much better film. Neither is 'Arabesque' in the same league with Hitchcock at his best, like 'North By Northwest' is. Donen has also done better, with 'Charade' being one of them. With that being said, 'Arabesque' to me was a good enjoyable film in its own right, with lots to admire but it is not hard to see why it won't be everybody's cup of tea.

'Arabesque' could have been better. As good an actor Peck was, amazing at his best (like his performance for the ages as Atticus Finch in 'To King a Mockingbird'), he is completely out of his depth in this film. 'Roman Holiday' showed that he could handle comedy and romance well, but here he looks continually puzzled and is at his most uncomfortable looking since 'The Parradine Case', lacking the suavity, smoothness and urbane charm needed, things that, as much as it is regrettable that it's being said, Cary Grant would have pulled off perfectly (being the king of that acting style).

Story-wise, 'Arabesque' is intriguing and entertaining, but it is also over-convoluted with parts not feeling explored enough. There are too a few nonsensical scenes (like the fainting guard) that seemed to be an indication of parts being written or re-written in a rush. Kieron Moore's dialogue jars a little bit somewhat.

However, 'Arabesque' looks a dream, late 60s Technicolor has rarely looked this incredible. Have not seen cinematography this inventive in a long time, while the colours dazzle and the settings and costumes define glamorous to a tee. Henry Mancini's music score is typically luscious and jaunty in Mancini's own unmistakable way. Donen directs at a good pace.

The script crackles in wit and sophistication while the story has enough entertainment value, tense suspense and intrigue to stick with it. Thanks to some memorable scenes, especially the incredibly clever opening titles sequence, the shower scene and the truly exciting climax.

Excepting Peck, the performances are very good. Sophia Loren has never looked more stunning or been this classy, while Alan Badel is oily menace incarnate. Moore is fun in his role despite some jarring dialogue.

Overall, good glamorous fun but with such amazing ingredients and assets it had the makings of a great film. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Christopher Evans 8 / 10

Fun thriller in the style of Hitchcock but without the Hitchcock level of plot delivery.

This mystery/thriller is from director Stanley Donen. It follows on from the director's previous film, Charade starring Cary Grant. Charade was very much a Hitchcockian thriller which could pass as the work of the 'Master of Suspense' himself. That film totally delivered whereas this one is brilliant entertainment but with a few clunky scenes and a slightly disappointing plot reveal towards the end.

Donen directs brilliantly with exciting action scenes, sophisticated scenes of dialogue and BAFTA winning cinematography featuring very stylish and interesting camera work. Viewing this in HD is a treat for the eyes, it looks beautiful. The acting is of a high standard throughout the cast with some good villains and a top class performance from Sophia Loren. Gregory Peck is his usual brilliant self as the Oxford professor dragged into a dangerous game of spies, plots and murder due to his abilities in deciphering hieroglyphics. The part was meant for Cary Grant and Peck is not usually seen in this kind of role where amusing quips are delivered in the midst of danger and romance. A star of his quality takes it in his stride, though, and he is spot on in the role.

The mysterious plot goes along well and keeps you really interested but there are scenes which are badly thought through and as the truth behind the mysteries gets revealed towards the end it does not quite make sense to the degree it could. There are a number of things which jar a bit as being too improbable or inadequately explained: A royal guardsman inexplicably collapsing due to a comment from Peck and his fellow guard totally ignoring the incident, people running into and around London Zoo at night with no security barrier or anything to stop them, people using various methods of trying to kill Peck when a simple gunshot would do and the revelation of the hieroglyphic message all seem symptoms of the hastily rewritten screenplay.

Scenes in the zoo, a horse race, a cornfield and a viaduct all have that Hitchcockian stamp on them and Donen at this stage seemed to be trying (or being told by film studios?) to become the new 'Hitch'. In Charade he managed to achieve that level. In Arabesque he does a really good job in the entertainment, action, use of great actors and visual style but falls down a bit on plot execution.


Reviewed by HotToastyRag 7 / 10

Cute 60s action flick

If you're looking for a particularly mysterious, complex, dramatic international spy movie, you might want to look for a film that didn't come from the 1960s. Arabesque, in full 60s prime, is really cute. It is very 60s, though, so know what you're getting into. There are zooms, jokes about nudity that couldn't be shown, and outrageous hair and eye makeup.

But best of all, the movie stars the infinitely handsome Gregory Peck and the unrealistically beautiful Sophia Loren. They're magical on screen together. Peck plays an American professor, and when he's recruited to help stop an assassination attempt on a Middle Eastern Prime Minister, he meets Sophia Loren. Is she in league with the bad guys? Will he solve the mystery in time?

It's a really cute movie, with some genuinely exciting scenes thrown in—and I'm not just talking about the sparkling tension between the two costars. If you like movies like Gambit, Charade, or the Sean Connery James Bond flicks, you'll like this one!

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