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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aphrodisiaciix 5 / 10

Could Be Better

The acting is better than the plot. The plot is better than the dialogues. The dialogues are better than the reasoning. The reasoning is better than the ending.

These executioners have no control over the guilty verdicts of the ones they execute. It's the crime and the punishment that the convicts end up in their hands without their control. No one can blame them for what they do. It's a job, and to efficiently perform such extraordinary task for lessen suffering is a humanely reason enough.

No one in this life has to carry the shame or punishment of another person's crime, even it's one's father's or anyone's.

The ending is a cop out without a climax. It has crashed and imploded silently with an unsatisfying anticlimactic end.

"The Green Mile" is a much better executioner movie.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

Learn the Ropes

Aiman (Firdaus Rahman) takes a job as a guard at a Malaysian prison. He lives modestly with his sister Suhaila (Mastura Ahmad) who dates an Australian man, John. Aimen befriends "the Chief" who is also the hangman and has been for thirty years. About twenty minutes into the feature we discover the Chief (Wan Hanafi Su) was the man who hung Aiman's father. Aiman complains to Suhaila on how she uses John to get away from her life in Malaysia while Suhaila complains about how Aiman can work in the prison that hung their father. The Chief asks Aiman to be his apprentice and "learn the ropes" pun intended. We wait to see how this plays out.

The film included universal themes as what we are willing to do to get by and to what lengths we can justify what we do. The ending was interesting...the irony of fate.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Good International film. English subtitles. Film includes 3 international wins.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 6 / 10

Malay tale of Capital Punishment

Aiman is 28 and works as a correction office or prison guard as we normally refer to them as. Then he gets transferred to the top 'nick' in the country and this is where they carry out the executions that they are so fond of doing there. Once there he meets Rahim who is charming and World wise. He is drawn to this man who has been the executioner for a long time and knows his craft.

Now as it turns out his father was executed some years before leaving him and his sister in dire straits and affecting them both forever. However, the attraction that Aiman has for Rahim and his special service is stronger than the revulsion and hence he goes on a journey of self discovery.

This is Malay but they speak mostly English but there are sub titles that you may need from time to time which are also quite good. The production values are actually really high and the acting is all top notch too. The story is a simple one but it is compelling and has enough dramatic attention to hold your attention. Recommended for World cinema fans.

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