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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bel001 7 / 10

Being a hangman

Strong and straight forward drama in which a young prison guard is trained by an old chief to be the next 'hangman'. Both the young guard as the old chief have their inner demons and strong difficulties in coping with the job. Being a kind of legal killer is not like another day in the office. It leaves marks. This film describes in a non-sensational way that those who actually have to execute the death penalty, die also a little bit inside with each hanging the system 'asks' them to do.

Reviewed by harrys12 10 / 10


If you love real movies where there is no bad and good when humans interact then you have to watch this film.

Treats the same theme of "el verdugo", for many the best Spanish film ever. The dilemmas of the executioner who struggles to convince himself that this is a job like every one else and someone has to do it. Needs guts to be a legal serial killer and sleep well during the nights without doubt.

Just see it and you will feel compassion, hate and frustration at the same time. When a movie makes you feel strong feelings, is a good movie.

Nothing else, a must watch.

Reviewed by aphrodisiaciix 5 / 10

Could Be Better

The acting is better than the plot. The plot is better than the dialogues. The dialogues are better than the reasoning. The reasoning is better than the ending.

These executioners have no control over the guilty verdicts of the ones they execute. It's the crime and the punishment that the convicts end up in their hands without their control. No one can blame them for what they do. It's a job, and to efficiently perform such extraordinary task for lessen suffering is a humanely reason enough.

No one in this life has to carry the shame or punishment of another person's crime, even it's one's father's or anyone's.

The ending is a cop out without a climax. It has crashed and imploded silently with an unsatisfying anticlimactic end.

"The Green Mile" is a much better executioner movie.

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