Apollo 13


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Bryce Dallas Howard as Girl in Yellow Dress
Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell
Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert
Ed Harris as Gene Kranz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr Jacques COULARDEAU 10 / 10

Human resilience is a miracle

Strangely enough, this film is a real story and the story of a phenomenal US defeat in their conquest of the Moon that they turned, in the very heart of a disaster, into a victory, not as for landing on the Moon but as for bringing the three astronauts back home alive.

Apart from that, there is little to say or add. The disaster came when a small industrial defect caused a catastrophe with an explosion that destroyed a great part of the oxygen reserve and impaired then the feasibility of the mission. The second lesson is that NASA was totally unprepared to such a situation and they had to improvise with the skills and knowledge they had or were able to mobilize, but especially with the resilience of the three men on board whose lives were at the extreme point of immediate danger.

The film insisted on the atmosphere in the two technical teams in Houston and at Kennedy Space Center. It showed how unprepared they were and yet they managed to mobilize all their energies beyond the differences that were theirs, mostly technical differences since some engineers brought up their particular calculations on oxygen on carbon dioxide, on fuel and electricity and some of these figures were dramatic since the spacecraft could not come back home. They had to invent economies, ways to save electricity, oxygen, eliminate carbon dioxide, etc. Engineers generally can only see their own domain of competence and they only consider the proper route to make it work and succeed. So they find it very difficult to imagine defeat, failure, and how to cope with such a perspective. Strangely enough, they can only find their footing in such a situation if they are several people with different skills and if they confront their skills, compete with one another for the common goal of getting it right. The film shows that very well.

The families are of course taken care of and the film does not emphasize this side of the story and avoids all the dramatic scenes there must have been and there should have been in real life. But after all, the main point of the film was not the reactions of wives, children, parents, and relatives but clearly enough the human technical exploit.

It makes an easy entertainment, especially if you can feel some empathy for the three astronauts, and also for the bureaucrats of science, technology, and politics in such a situation. Nixon was nevertheless sidelined, sidetracked and simply pushed out of the way.


Reviewed by c-05258 9 / 10

Apollo 13 (1995) Cast: Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Ed Harris Director: Ron Howard

Synopsis: Tom Hanks stars in this Hollywood film that is based on the infamous Apollo 13 lunar landing as astronaut Jim Lovell. Alongside him are his fellow spacemen and trusty pals Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) and Fred Haise (Bill Paxton). A smooth beginning is foiled when the oxygen supply suddenly drops and their new flight path around the moon becomes a battle of survival.

This amazing rendition of the crisis that is the Apollo 13 mission is overflowing with leaders within the film. Imagine you're the mission control leader on one of the biggest missions ever, one to the moon. All is great until an oxygen tank explodes and the other one leaks quickly. Now, enter the mind of Gene Kranz. He has several moments during the movie where he has to control the room and the million dollar metal rocket flying through space.

The first is when the oxygen tank explodes. Everyone seems to be rushing to him asking him what they should do and he calmly says "one at a time". As a leader, you must be able to face hard situations with confidence because if you are scared, then everyone else is going to be even more scared.

"Failure is not an option." The next display of leadership is when the men at mission control are discussing how long they will last and that they won't make it back to Earth. Gene tells them that they will and his resilience empowers all of the men. Once he is able to set a course of action, Gene displays an act of delegation. Delegation is a very important characteristic for a leader and his use of telling them they need to find the solution without him, allows him to be more aware of the other problems and to address the additional problems that are bound to arise. He also inspired them to think outside of the box by saying "I don't care what anything was designed to do. I care about what it can do." Because of this, they were able to break down the problems into sub-units and build a solution from the ground up.

When the astronauts are just on the cusp of reentry, we see the NASA director talking about how this could be the worst disaster in the history of NASA. So then, just when everyone needed to be reassured the most, we see Gene swoop in and say, "With all due respect sir, I think that this is going to be our finest hour." Gene wasn't pessimistic, but optimistic about the outcome of the landing. How leaders deal with adversity and doubt is very important. Gene is a perfect example of a leader in this regard and all others. He is optimistic, calm against stress, and a leader that people want to follow.

Reviewed by Matthew_Capitano 3 / 10

Formula 13

Ron 'Opie' Howard wings it again with his patented clumsy direction.

Authenticity is thrown out the space window. Examples: having NASA dudes talking politics two feet away from the tonnage-heavy 'wheel tracks' of the 'crawler' (the vehicle which transports the rocket to the launch pad at 1 mile an hour); making astronauts Haise and Swigert argue and point fingers at one another concerning the accident in the spacecraft; mission commander Lovell (Tom Hanks with his squirrelly voice in tow) losing his temper and yelling in a NASA space center meeting; flight director Kranz finding a little corner to sit in so he can sulk; the predictable changing of original verbal transmissions; much more fictional silliness.

Like most contemporary Hollywood movies, every actor looks like he's 'acting', including veteran Ed Harris who should know better, though Kathleen Quinlan is adequate as Lovell's wife, Marilyn.

Film plays like a TV-movie or a cheap direct-to-video flick. As usual, the trajectory of blame should land right on top of Opie whom has yet to establish himself as a major film director.

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