Apocalypse Cult


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Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 6 / 10

Fairly routine found-footage horror but with some interesting ideas

The found footage film continues to be the go-to-guy when it comes to low budget horror film-making. A lot of people are fed up with the sub-genre and it is easy to understand why as, aside from the shaky-cam being capable of inducing headaches, there is also a certain over-familiarity about a lot of them. I consider myself to be fairly forgiving of these types of films myself though and do think the general set-up is one which can result in effectively sinister films when approached correctly. It would probably be fair to describe Apocalyptic as a bit of a mixed bag though. As it never escapes from a certain predictability inherent in found footage and does wind up with the kind of ending that an awful lot in this genre have. But it was still nevertheless a film which was successfully creepy and did keep me interested. Set in Australia, the story has documentary film-makers travel deep into the country to meet up with a religious cult to make a film about them. As could be predicted, these people prove to be very strange and some troubling events follow.

As is common with horror movies, character decisions here are often somewhat illogical, with the film crew hanging around for longer than they should and letting some things slide which they shouldn't. But I guess this is part and parcel of these types of movies to some extent. What was more of an issue for me was the central figure of the cult leader, who unfortunately was fairly badly acted by David Macrae, ensuring that this pivotal character had no charisma at all. I think it was quite damaging, as this is a leader whose actions are so extreme that they require some charisma in order to explain others going along with them so readily, such as the nightly ritual in which he chooses a different woman to sleep with every night, including a (very) young girl. These creepy details, along with the odd behaviour of the women cultists and what is discovered in the woods in the dead of night, are the kinds of things that make this one stand-out though and ensure that it does make some impact. It's a bit too basic and limited overall to be regarded as anything great but it does still offer some off-centre elements and ideas, and it never outstays its welcome.

Reviewed by pmaheadquarters 1 / 10

One of the worst found footage movies I've seen

What a terrible, unbelievable piece of rubbish. The plot is oh so original, the acting is terrible and what's with the cheap effects. Can they not use something that looks remotely like blood??

As far as unbelievable, the cult asks the crew to leave their communication devices i.e., cell phones behind but yet had no problem with them filming them. As if that wouldn't raise a red flag! I guess we're supposed to believe they never intended for the crew to leave...why be filmed and interviewed then? I can't believe some of the reviews some people give these garbage films. Man talk about low expectations.

This film brings absolutely nothing new to the doomsday cult premise. Avoid at all costs unless the alternative is a root canal and even then...

Reviewed by pakman-67807 1 / 10

Don't waste your time!!!

I never reviewed a single movie online and probably wont often. I hated this movie soooo bad that I actually created an account and singed up to write a review of this. Please Don't waste your time on this. It was the worst movie I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of bad ones before. You would have more fun picking a splinter out of your finger than watch this piece of junk. Ending was the worst part too. Not even scary one bit. Just kept saying how stupid and unbelievable this story is. I really don't understand all those who gave this one more than one star. I would give it a negative star if I could. I seriously wish someone said how bad this was. I would have saved my time and not watched this movie. Again this is my first review because I want to spare someone else of this junk. thats how strongly I feel about this movie. Trust me you will wish you listened to me if you go ahead and watch it.

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