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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 65%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Sarah Gadon as Hannah Geist
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Abendroth
Wendy Crewson as Mira Tesser
Caleb Landry Jones as Syd March
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by contactoabc 1 / 10

Boring to death

One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life. Bored as hell No sense at all. The story is boring, the movie is slow and it is badly acted. Do not waste two hours of your life watching this crap.

It is incredible that today someone continue to spend money on making trunks like this. Totally meaningless.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 3 / 10

The idea was not bad but the execution was

The only thing that I can applaud about Antiviral is that it is a story that you never saw before. So for the innovating concept the movie can get some credits. But the actual outcome isn't by far any good as the idea of the movie. They could have done so much more and better with that story. The movie is way too slow and sometimes repetitive. I had to fight against falling asleep more than once during Antiviral and it was not because I was tired. The main character played by Caleb Landry Jones didn't do any good to the movie either. I thought his acting was very monotone and boring to watch. So with the potential of the script I can only be disappointed with the outcome.

Reviewed by thesar-2 8 / 10

Infectious Future

I don't think we really praise and hold up high celebrities these days as we used to, but this guy thinks we will in the future. Even if it kills us.

What a strange little marvel Director/Writer Brandon Cronenberg created here. Apparently, in the future, people will PAY to get infected with terrible viruses the top elite celebrities acquired. Seriously, I don't ever see our society going this far and hopefully, we won't become this stupid. But, then again, Trump became President, so I guess anything's possible.

The movie feels so small and yet built a complete and realistic future of genetic manipulations, disease sharing and black market cloning. Heck, also cannibalism from said cloning. I definitely praise the film for what felt like a low budget and making me truly believe this universe exists.

The core of the story is this always sickly salesman/inside man who's selling his company's viruses in the worst possible way. Eventually, he bites off more than he can spew blood and the race is on, from all parties to find a cure.

The movie feels both straight-forward and confusing at times, at least for me, and I dug that. Kept me engaged, albeit disappointed and grossed out at times. It's a hard watch, but enormously original and incredibly shot from beginning to end. Highly recommended for futuristic, sci-fi horror buffs.

But not for the squeamish. Or people afraid of needles. Or the sight of blood. Or licking said blood up.


Final thoughts: Some people have foot-fetishes. Smelling of someone else's clothes for kicks. But, would you have yourself injected with an STD just to get closer to your obsession? God, I hope not. But watch here how people won't just demand it, but will pay top dollar for a celebrity's illness, to put it mildly.

Maybe that's all part of the horror brilliance of this movieÂ…how far to stretch the deepest part of the human desires. Well done, Brandon, son of David Cronenberg. You remembered the face of your father

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