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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbowleysmith 3 / 10

Very disappointing

This movie is a blatant rider of the "Zombie Outbreak" bandwagon of the early 2010's. Like so many Zombie movies released during this period Antisocial lacks the substance and heart of those old B-grade flicks making it fell more like a money grab than anything.

The premise regarding the cause of the infection (which is my personal favorite part of Zombie movies) is so nonsensical and unscientific that I just cant take this movie seriously.Not to say it didn't have its good parts, however these are few and far between. Any true lover of zombie movies will be truly disappointed.

Seriously if you have the 90 mins it takes to watch this movie, you're better of attempting to perform backyard brain-surgery on yourself with a power-drill.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Low rent zombie hijinks

ANTISOCIAL is an indie horror flick from Canada with a little more promise than most, but only a little, mind. The story is about a gathering of friends for New Year who end up being besieged thanks to a pesky zombie outbreak. Much of the communication with the outside world comes from social media. There are some solid but all-too-brief suspense scenes while the acting is of an okay standard, but the story is too drawn out with little incident. The annoying blue filter and slightly lacklustre ending don't help matters either. A sequel followed.

Reviewed by roscoe666 5 / 10

I told you social media was bad!

'Teens' are afflicted by a virus which turns them into zombie-like creatures.

Quite low budget - everything happens in one house - and irritating at times. However, a fairly good paranoid atmosphere which, surprisingly, kept me watching.

Acting was average, script mediocre at best, and everyone does the stupidest of things. However, it is reasonable original and watchable: The title refers to social media, which adversely affects the subscribers in a somewhat unfortunate way.

The social media website the main protagonists use is 'The Social Redroom' and Red Room are the production company, so a good bit of self-promotion by the film-makers.

Worth a look if you have a few spare moments, but don't expect anything too earth-shattering.

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