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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kittyporn0 1 / 10

Worst film I've ever endured

Beautiful cinematography, and I don't have a problem with explicit sex if it serves a purpose but quite frankly I found this film to be ridiculous with no redeeming value. In fact, it represents ~2 hours of my life I will never get back. Where do I begin? I watched the film on DVD so I had the benefit of extra features. I watched them all including the director commentary because I was sure I'd missed something. However, it did not reveal WTF the point of events like - the only "oddity" that the autopsy reveals is that Nic has a deformity of his feet. But so what? We find Nic was being forced to wear his shoes on the wrong feet - did that cause his fall? Did that constitute senseless torture by his mother because she was an "evil woman?" Who knows, the commentary revealed nothing. Nor did it reveal the symbolism behind the masses of women descending the mountain at the ending. I imagine they were the corpses of all the "evil" women?" How did all these evil corpses get there? What was the significance of Eden? How did it become the epicenter and burial ground of evil women??? What about all the sex scenes? The finale suggests that her thesis was disproved by Eden where the forces of nature revealed that women are the truly evil, manipulative, and conniving of the sexes. So, why the constant violent insistence that her husband puck her, at every inopportune moment, when he is trying to help her, she is constantly grabbing at his zipper, his dick, its all rather desperate and nonsensical... The scenes went from evocative to boring. I'm bored, where is this plot going? What plot? I'm not impressed - although Defoe's pubic hair is rather impressive (but I digress). After all that, she mutilates herself? Why? Is her cli-toris the source of evil and by mutilating herself she is being set free? We will never know because she immediately gets strangled and burned Salem-Witch-style. Oh, and I almost forgot the most hokey element - the three beggars - Bahaha! The fox, the doe and the crow. She says when they appear someone must die, they appear - she dies. The end, right? NO! They again appear to Hubby as he is limping out of Eden. It is absolutely comical. Then all the dead ladies in skirts start descending the mountain... seriously, its as ridiculous as it sounds.

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

Intense but one-note ...

Lars von Trier's unofficially titled 'depression trilogy' of films begins with this, continues with 'Melancholia (2011)' and concludes with the mammoth and quite excellent 'Nymphomaniac (2013)'. 'Antichrist' isn't easy viewing.

Rutting like animals, He (Williem Defoe) and She (Charlotte Gainsbourg) fail to notice their toddler son Nic climb onto the open window ledge and fall from the balcony to his death. Subsequently, understandably consumed by grief, the couple hike to an isolated cabin in Eden woods, far from anywhere. The husband is a therapist and feels he can manage his wife's at times uncontrollable misery.

What follows is their story in four chapters, each one highlighting different levels of their 'journey'. This often involves manic sex and masturbation in a bid to escape the pain of sadness, woodland animals in throes of death and various scenes of discomfort (graphically shown), the disembodied cries of a child (possibly Nic), violence, and ultimately terror.

I found this a good deal less engaging than the substantially longer 'Nymphomaniac', and approach the final film in the trilogy with an open mind. The story begins on one level of graphic imagery and despair, and remains at that level throughout. There is no real let-up or drifting away from the overwhelming intensity of it all - which becomes less intense because of its ubiquity. Defoe and Gainsbourg are excellent throughout - you really get the impression actors suffered in the creation of these roles. Director Frier has said that 'the film was finished without much enthusiasm' due to his fragile mental state at the time, and while the acting betrays no such lack of commitment, the overall effect sadly in accordance with Frier. I should add, the direction here is magical, if perhaps a little heavy-handed.

Reviewed by felixhofwimmer 10 / 10


I believe most people that watched this movie either had the wrong expectations or generally do not watch this style of movies. This expectedly will result in the bad reviews I'm seeing. If you are familiar with Lars von Trier and movies that explores darker themes as well as flawless cinematography, this movie will not disappoint you. I personally absolutely loved it.

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