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Jamie Dornan as Jan Kubis
Cillian Murphy as Josef Gabcík
Toby Jones as Uncle Hajský
Charlotte Le Bon as Marie Kovárníková
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

WW2 Missions of Liberation

Movie Review: "Anthropoid" (2016)

A hauntingly-surprising World-War-II action thriller with historical sophistication directed by Sean Ellis, who also stops denying to operate a fast-rhythmic-passing Super 16mm film camera by Arri Munich Rentals accompanied with superb-looking Hawk V-lite 16 lenses, when editor Richard Mettler puts an engaging cast surrounding freedom fighters Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik, here match-making from the very first parachute-descends into push-play atmospheric snowy forest actor Jamie Dornan, known for "Fifty Shades of Grey" performing to utmost anxiety-denying beats of war action, when spy agent partner Cillian Murphy, acknowledged for leading Danny Boyle's horror-thriller "28 Days Later" to international successes, as "Anthropoid" continues with a relentless assassination plot in ultra-focused on trafficking Prague daytime streets action scenes to rebounds with fantastic range-playing actor Toby Jones as needed suspense-adding support into a fully-immersive final rebel-stand-off from bullet-storming hallways of city's center church to floated basement confronting inevitable conclusions of Officer-avenging Nazi-oppressors that puts the 20 minute showdown into the major league of being able to compete with any Hollywood comparable.

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Reviewed by stevesmith-80860 8 / 10

Very underrated

The acting and writing are both excellent. Everything about the dialogue and plot feels authentic and realistic, this is not the type of movie where the good guys come in the nick of time. Cillian Murphy's acting was great. The movie does a good job of conveying the characters emotions and state of mind, you can really feel the emotion of the characters. Very well done. 8/10 stars

Reviewed by adithehunk-pikul 8 / 10

Greater biopic..

So much truth reflected about Czechoslovakia and it's patriotism.. great movie.

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