Another Kind of Wedding


Comedy / Drama

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Kathleen Turner as Barbara Haines
Jessica Paré as Carrie
Wallace Shawn as Albert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duanebrown-49313 1 / 10

A pointless waste of time...

Wow! I was woefully disappointed in this movie. Pointlessly vulgarity at every turn. I couldn't take it & had to turn it off.

Reviewed by garygwilliams 1 / 10

Good first effort but not quite good enough for theatrical release

A doppled canvas of characters and motivations make this a funny story but less than a funny movie. It is hard to follow and difficult to relate to the leads. I really wanted to like Kathleen Turner but she and Frances Fisher are both a bit less than the stars they once were. I found myself thinking about my shopping list during the touching moments where I should be touched. The stars are really Jessica Pare as Carrie the off the grid artist sister and Wallace Shawn as the platonic date for Barbara. Also a shout out to the character of Q who could have bumped the interest up a notch if given more dialogue.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 2 / 10

Humor Just Doesn't Work Here

An ensemble cast of friends and family meet in Montreal for a wedding. I thought the cinematography of the city was sublime, but, unfortunately it might have been the best part of this movie.

There was an occasional chuckle here but for the most part the comedy, which is often crude, awkward, and even mean-spirited, was just plain flat and ineffective, in my opionion. The strong cast just can't save this one.

Overall, I would say save yourself the pain and pass on this one.

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