Another Earth


Action / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Robin Lord Taylor as Jeff Williams
Brit Marling as Rhoda Williams
William Mapother as John Burroughs
Kumar Pallana as Purdeep
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by axapvov 6 / 10

take a look at yourself

It seems that grief films aren´t very popular. I think one shouldn´t set aside one film just because of its subject matter. I find "The Son´s Room" and "In the Bedroom" to be excellent grief films, if you´re interested.

"Another Earth" has been accused of not being able to incorporate the big idea into the narrative. Well, this isn´t "Arrival", it´s far from having the necessary means. As a charming very low-budget film, the idea of a mirror earth is just there to support the main concept: what if you could meet yourself? It makes sense to center the plot around guilt and self-reproach. The existence of a mirror earth is in fact just a background but adding the tangible possibility of meeting yourself sustains the plot. Without it, this would be just an average drama. Instead it sets interesting questions around that possibility. How do our decisions and mistakes shape us? Do we like what we see in the mirror? Would we want to meet ourselves? Are we full of ourselves? Can we forgive ourselves?It also gives an inner voice to the main character. When she doesn´t speak much we learn about her through those bits. It´s a twist, but an insightful one. It´s always better to have a good twist than none at all. The whole movie unwinds around that idea effectively. The scene with the old janitor is specially touching.

The problem is, in my opinion, there´s something terribly off in the scenes with the two main characters. It´s not too bad since they´re supposed to be tense, but there´s an important lack of chemistry. Maybe I just don´t like William Mapother. He´s in my acting blacklist since I saw "In the Bedroom", seriously, I don´t like to pick on someone else´s job but yeah, he´s awful and nearly destroys the film. On the other hand, Brit Marling saves it all, including the extremely shy direction from Mike Cahill.

Reviewed by rafaelsuud 7 / 10

Philosophical Questions Unaddressed

Overall, the movie is good although it doesn't address the philosophical questions it raises. The mysterious Earth 2 and its effect is left untouched. It's merely a background distraction without it the movie may have been a better self-reconciliation / self-redemption drama... Maybe

Reviewed by FountainPen 1 / 10

amateur time film-making 101

Oh dear dear me! What a lamentable mess this "movie" is!

I laughed when I saw one reviewer describe this thing as "A quietly powerful work of art". Ha Ha Ha. Another reviewer referred to the music as "amazing" and "very unique". Tsk Tsk Tsk.

This cinematic effort is on a par with the worst dull, badly-shot old home movies. The scripting is utterly ridiculous, with the hesitant, laboured presentation coming across more like an English class for frightened foreigners than actual takes. The acting is shockingly embarrassing, but with a total budget of US$100,000, I suppose you just grab the next person who walks along the street and hope for the best, or hunt around for individuals who think this might be their big break into show-biz.

The storyline is comic relief. I'm beginning to feel ill. This dross deserves the lowest rating possible. So how can one explain the 7 (SEVEN) rating it enjoys on this site? Well, I imagine everyone associated with the "production", their friends, families and pets all submitted glowing reviews. Ha Ha Ha

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