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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Max_Lucas 2 / 10

Are you kidding me?

I just have to laugh at all these positive reviews! I gave it a 2 star rating (Because I reserve the 1 star rating for Asylum movies) I disagree with the other reviews. Not so hot acting, I really didn't feel it "suspenseful", "thrilling" or "riveting". The only reason the flick was "thought provoking" was due to the lack of lack of story. So it makes to try and feel in the gaps. And by these reviews, these people had more of an imagination than what's in the movie. I came to the conclusion that it was the cast members who gave the rave reviews.

Reviewed by veher18 4 / 10

Not nearly as smart as it thinks it is

The other reviews recommended this movie, so I was left very disappointed, if not scammed, after watching it.

Let's begin by saying that the acting is fine for the most part and the cinematography looks professional. The movie starts okay, with a suitably mysterious opening and a first act that makes you wonder what's going to happen.

Unfortunately that's all that can be said for the good parts. The real plot is started by an element that could have been interesting but is immediately followed by decisions so mind-blowingly idiotic that the whole thing becomes impossible to take seriously and you are taken right out of the movie.

The rest of the movie is a succession of meaningless acts of cruelty with intellectual talking points thrown in to make it appear smarter than it is. Religion, morality, war and man's innate violence are some topics brought up seemingly at random and with nothing to say that hasn't already been said by a much better movie or your weed smoking college roommate, when it has something to say at all.

To top it all, the movie ends with a ridiculous "twist" that manages to be both completely nonsensical and more predictable than a children's cartoon, means nothing to the viewer since it highlights even more the idiocy of the main character and brings a new character at the last minute, and ends with unintentionally funny special effects probably done by someone who wanted to show off to their mother what they learned to do with a computer.

Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by xrionitx 1 / 10

What in the hell is that 6 rating for??

Worst movie of this decade.!! no story no acting.. B grade, low budget crap i would say. The whole movie is a crap , just a drugs related badly shot dillusional movie

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