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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shawnblackman 4 / 10

Annoying 616

Some friends get together for a dinner and then do a designer drug that screws one of them over big time. This has him taking the life out of the party.

Deep religious themes are mixed with gore in this one. This film does get pretty intense at times as well as boring the other times. The main lead is annoying and some people will probably hate the ending but the good thing is there won't likely be a sequel.

Those little flaws hamper the picture. You just can't get into it. They should have called it Annoying 616.

Reviewed by djb01 8 / 10

You people are why we need proper civics class in high schools...

This is a critique of American foreign policy-specifically regarding the endless and all-encompassing "war on terror."

Watch it again and consider what the main character (hint: America) does to other characters obviously representative of certain nations, states, regions, and peoples over the course of American history.

This film is the story of American hegemonic foreign policy-and it does a relatively good job of summarizing that story in the form of a horror flick.

What are the implications of over-extending American influence by force? The filmmakers seem to offer their opinion in the closing scene.

Oh, and don't forget about religion: America's best friend.

Enjoy your second viewing people...

Reviewed by rsvp321 6 / 10

Better than most of what comes out of Hollywood, these days!

Hollywood political and social agenda writers are ruining so many potentially good movies and television series, these days - that's what makes this one so much better than those - *nothing but entertainment for the viewer*!

Pretty good plot, a tad predictable once you get into it, but it still kept me watching.

Unknowns for cast, but they earned a "6" from me.

Indie/independent movies are getting better, and better, and it will be *that* venue that brings Hollywood back to Reality Land...and they start to fire all their agenda-driven writers! Just! Entertain! Us!

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