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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicktatta 5 / 10

It seems I'm trying to like it

I'd say it's one of the better movies at looking and acting like a quality film, while being devoid of life. It seems as though I went and bought the most beautiful dog, brought it home excitedly, and was so happy with it for a week. Then notified it doesn't bark, he doesn't especially like affection, surely doesn't show any affection back, and is seemingly obsessed with standing on three legs. Entertaining at first but quickly loses its luster. At some point you feel guilty not liking such a beautiful dog, but trust me it's not your fault, we would all feel the same way....welcome to anon. Cool tech, hollow lifeless body.

Reviewed by spiderleggreen 8 / 10

Review the Reviewers

I think some people were looking in the wrong place for a movie this one isnt. It's a sci-fi movie, not of the action, space rocket variety. People are talking subdued because that sets the desired mood. Clive looking bored is Clive playing the role as a depressed man who doesn't have to be Al Pacino. Slow pacing? How about creating tension, instead to racing around chasing people. I call it a movie that takes its time and lets you digest it. If you want an action movie go somewhere else.

Reviewed by brionh 8 / 10

Shocked at Rating(s)

I am so glad I watched the film before looking it up, something I rarely do. I think the film is Netflix's best movie to date. Granted, I love this genre, and both lead actors.

If I would have seen a score of under 6 there is no way I would have watched this. This may be a (my) needle in the haystack, but I am going to give more series/movies a chance before I look their average score, and reviews up. I still can't believe this is under an average score of 7. Under 6 is downright shocking.

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