Android Cop


Action / Sci-Fi

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Michael Jai White as Hammond
Kadeem Hardison as Sgt. Jones
Randy Wayne as Android Cop
Charles S. Dutton as Mayor Jacobs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by snakepaws 5 / 10

You could do worse

If you're familiar at all with The Asylum, you pretty much already know what you're in for. That said, for The Asylum, this isn't bad. Don't mistake that for "good," though. But you could do worse.

The effects could be better, but they aren't completely terrible. The biggest letdown of the film is the under-utilization of Michael Jai White's martial arts skills. It's in there, but not as much as it could or should have been. Too many camera cuts.

This is a low budget film. It rides the coat tails of Robocop, and has the slight essence of the TV show Almost Human - without being a rehash of either. So don't expect either. Pleasantly surprising coming from The Asylum. Definitely one of their better films.

Reviewed by Amadio 6 / 10

Not so bad revisit to Blaxploitation

First off, this IS a budget movie, with budget movie production values. Second, taking that into account, it's not so bad. I've seen many many films with way bigger budgets that were FAR worse. I don't recall any Blaxploitation film being made with high production values, though this is definitely a B-movie. It is called Android Cop, and the android part doesn't take over. Good use of future technology to drive the story.

Acting; reasonably good throughout, with a few exceptions. C S Dutton as the mayor is very good. Not such a big role, but what he does he does well. The main protagonists are somewhat hampered by the characters they have to play, but they manage it well enough.

Action; in parts it suffers from the 'many bullets' syndrome of so many Hollywood films. Hundreds of bullets are sprayed from endless ammo guns, and hardly any damage. Oh well, seen that a thousand times.

Photography; for such a low budget film, in parts some of the angles and editing are quite gripping. Only a couple of times did I find myself really criticising the angles, timing of cuts etc.

Dialogue; well, I burst out laughing a couple of times. Genuinely funny. It's not very moving, but it's not saccharine either. Again, only a couple of times did I think the lines were lame.

Story; nothing new, but well delivered. Twists and turns in the right places and nicely paced.

Overall, I didn't think I had wasted my time.

Reviewed by Brian Donovan 5 / 10

It's not Robocop. It's an android, and there are twists.

Most of us cringe when we see "the Asylum" made a movie. Yet this is pretty good. Good plot, good acting, and it's NOT Robocop, it really is not. It's a new set of ideas, and well done. I really like how the Android cop solved some of the situations without using violence. I also liked the Androids attempt to follow the law.

The special effects are even good. The aircraft are interesting and unique.

The music is so so. The android cop should have been a much better shot. Three guys stand there and the Android shoots dozens of times and misses?

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