And So It Goes


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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Diane Keaton as Leah
Michael Douglas as Oren Little
Yaya DaCosta as Kennedy
Rob Reiner as Artie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dierregi 6 / 10

Watchable but certainly not core shaking

Keaton and Douglas are Leah and Oren, a couple of widowed neighbors, living in an idyllic mini-condo in a beautiful estate. Oren is a realtor who owns several properties, among which the building where Leah, himself and a few other people live. Oren wants to leave for Vermont, but must make his last sale: his own beautiful house, worth millions. One day he meets his estranged, turbulent son Luke who is about to go to jail.

Luke has a daughter, Sarah, and he need his father to take care of her while he is doing his time. Initially reluctant and forcing Leah to take Sarah in, Oren starts to melt and from then on, you can easily predict the rest of the plot. Nevertheless, it is a rather enjoyable ride. Keaton plays more or less the same part she played in "Something's got to give", perhaps overdoing the similarities (even a crying scene), but she is believable as the aging lounge singer with a broken heart. Besides, I really loved her wardrobe. She has impeccable taste and looked great.

I also liked Sternhagen (Bonnie from Sex and the City), who was hilarious as Claire, Oren friend and co-worker. What I liked slightly less was Oren befriending very quickly the whole bunch of neighbors and the totally unbelievable scene of a pregnant woman giving birth on his couch - that stretched it a bit too far.

However, it was also refreshing to watch a movie for grown-ups not involving any of the following: indestructible super-heroes; vampires; revengeful cops; guns; killing; torture and violence in general.

PS even without a plot, the most memorable part of the movie is the settings in what I gather must be an exclusive, immaculate estate.

Reviewed by Edgar Iván H 6 / 10

Has good moments

This movie is an attempt to create a romantic story about elder adults, but I don't think Douglas and Keaton has a good connection, I don't see that spark and charm between them, they look like very forced to be in love. Douglas is not the kind of actor that can play this kind of roles, he lacks Charm, but Nicholson is way better than Douglas playing this type of role. The movie is not bad, but is not good as you may think due the actors are great Hollywood stars. The Movie also has some specific short moments of Racism and you can never have racism in a romantic movie. If the racism were managed with humor, that could fit in the movie, but Douglas is a very serious actor, he is not as good as comedian, In this case the movie has some deep good moments, but overall I can say this movie, has not been good as I expected. 6/10

Reviewed by justbusinessthebook 8 / 10

Moody comedy or Romantic reflection

Okay, I get it about formal, paid critics, I think. They are poor slobs who have the envious task that every citizen in any democracy would want. Go to a movie theatre. Slop a little of the sugary sudsies down your top so that you can scratch it off with your finger later. And toss a little of that white fluffy stuff down the cleavage of your chosen partner of the evening. Then go home and write a cynical review. Because, sadly, the maximum ecstasy you were expecting did not appear. This is especially true if that partner you were hoping to shag, yawned and went home on their own instead of agreeing to make mountains out of mole hills by drinking real suds and sliding caviar down your gullet while both of you were wallowing through, yawn, 'just another movie' from your leather couch after watching 'just another movie' in a privileged theatre viewing.

And that is why I do not give a leaping leprechaun for what the 'real critics' write about movie reviews anymore. Oh, I confess that I might sneak a peak at a 'new movie!' review in, gasp!, a real newspaper before the public of viewers get to shag or rage about it on the ever present internet. But, for me, what matters is what the poor sods who clog our streets, scraping popcorn off the pavement to survive another day, have to say. Why? For us poor sods who are simply looking for a short escape away from our boring, or oversexed, lives (yes, the latter is me! Yeah, right! I did see a flying Leprechaun just swing by in the trees of my small town jungle!), a movie either means something or it doesn't.

In my estimation, this movie means something because it actually challenged my emotions... yeah, I even cried a little in parts of it, male hard guy that I am. It is well acted, at least enough so that it seems to have some possible realities in it while allowing us that little bit of fantasy we really, really need. And it is an easy watch with Diane Keaton in it, fulfilling the possibility that aging romance can actually be fun and sexy. And that it is a possibility because? I am old.

So, yeah, if I had Michael Douglas' apparent money bags, I would buy this movie and store it so that, one day, I could take it down and go soggy sentimental over the premise of the possibilities for 'true love' at any stage of our life that the movie tries to sell us.

Perhaps the problem is that whomever labels these things is some infamous flying Leprechaun who sits up in some tree and swings this movie's credits into a 'romantic comedy' when it is more about soft romantic reflection.

It did not make me laugh that much. But it did make me smile, and even with the memories of what love can really be, was good enough to mellow me out for one evening... and leave me hoping that I might have time, one day, to watch it again, not for the moody comedy it sometimes broke into but because, hey, I am a guy who even likes a little romantic reflection once in a while.

Even if I have not seen a flying Leprechaun lately.

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