And Now for Something Completely Different


Action / Animation / Comedy

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Terry Gilliam as Self-Defence Nun / Flasher / Uncle Sam / Caterpillar Man / Sign Holder / Conrad Poohs
John Cleese as Announcer / Hungarian Citizen / self - Defence Teacher / Sir George Head / Policeman / Interviewer / Mr. Praline / Second General / Christopher Columbus / Mungo the Cook / Bank Robber / Accountant #2
Eric Idle as Prosecutor / Marriage Counselor / Arthur Nudge / Self-defence student #4
Graham Chapman as Brother / Policeman / Defence attorney / British pedestrian / Mr. Harrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bella 7 / 10

Silly Sketches

And Now For Something Completely Different is a comedy movie that succeeded in making me chuckle. The movie is made up of different funny sketches so it is not necessary to follow a plot. The actors and great and the script is witty. The scene transitions are awesome and artistic and are sure to blow your mind. If you want a good laugh and to relax your mind, turn on this movie NOW.

Reviewed by gridoon2018 7 / 10

Classic Monty Python

In the Monty Python universe anything goes, space is irrelevant, and the filmmaking process itself becomes part of the comedy. It's by default a hit-or-miss affair, but the hits far outnumber the misses. There are many classic bits (the marriage counselor, the dead parrot, the lumberjack song, the falling bodies, etc. etc.), as nearly every British (and a few non-British) stereotype is satirized. Some jokes are stretched too long, but there is so much freedom, invention (not to forget Terry Gilliam's animated interludes) and anarchy on display that it would seem petty to complain. *** out of 4.

Reviewed by ElMaruecan82 8 / 10

I like it, it's silly...

It's like going to a restaurant, the starter is "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and then comes the piece of resistance "Life of Brian" and if you look at the right side of life, I mean, kitchen, you'll see the dessert coming with "The Meaning of Life", a bit lighter but you've had a good meal already. What's that got to do with "And Now Something Completely Different"? Well, you have the film that played the role of the appetizer.

As far as Monty Python's history goes, there will be a before and an after 'Flying Circus' in Britain, and a before and after 'And Now For Something Completely Different" in the rest of the world, where foreign audiences will discover that they're onto now something completely different on the field of humor.

"And Now For Something Completely Different",

This is the recurring joke that marks a brief pause between the sketches, an interlude that is as hilarious as Gilliam's trademark animation. But talk about misleading audiences: yes, they're right in the sense that they do introduce something completely different, but if you expect another display of purely British absurd humor meant to produce a reaction of hilarity, the word 'different' IS misleading. That's just to say, this film, which was the first to introduce the Monty Python to the American audience by playing some of their most famous sketches without an audience, is simply the greatest monument to their comedic genius, you'll laugh, you'll chuckle, you'll faint and you'll hurl.

Well, that's it. What can I say now? Nice weather isn't it? Mmm, I don't know, I don't think there's any need to get further, who is going to read this anyway? One who saw the film knows how great it is, and one who didn't will check by himself if he didn't, and since the opening sketch is "How Not to be Seen", well, I don't think one can consider the film as unfunny after that. So, I don't know I'm wasting my time writing this while I have probably more constructive things to do.

Well, not precisely at this time, I'm unemployed and it's ten o'clock PM, so this would be the most appropriate time to write a little review. Or maybe I should go in my bed with my wife… our marriage is a real wreck… Wait … maybe I should get back to the point.

(clearing throat)

So, what's the film about? It's about a TV political program praising the virtues of not being seen, ever, providing some advice many stars of our time should follow, it is also about an accountant who dreams to become a lion tamer, a dirty book that translates Hungarian with naughty words, it's about gang of old ladies or baby snatchers, it's about a lumberjack (who's okay), a writer who wrote the deadliest joke in the world, so deadly even a chuckle can kill you, it's about a contest of upper class twats, a dirty fork's comment that escalated quickly, and many many many other glorious attempts to be funny that actually works, some better than others, but the lesser ones work better than the better of today's inner lesser programs, get my point?

I can't be serious while reviewing the film but I hope it conveys the point that this film is exactly what was war according to Clemenceau, something too serious to be given to generals, humor is too serious to be given to comedians, Monty Python aren't comedians, they operate beyond the requirements of comedy, they know the structures by the book, when to put a punch line but most of the time, they get nowhere, there is something so instinctive in their humor that you just wait until the genius clicks, when it doesn't, it means that the premise of the sketch might have been overestimated but when it does, it's laugh-out-loud that justify the more timid chuckles, what a small price to say to have a good old belly-laugh.

I enjoyed the film, I remembered I used to watch it with my high-school friend, yes, I'm a nerd (and I'm okay), it contains some of the funniest jokes ever and that it didn't meet with the initial public shows how sophisticated it was for their time and yet they could make you laugh with a few fast-motion and grimaces. You can't just label Monty Python, they're beyond any form of humor with humor as the focal point, the punctuation mark, the package, the structure and the deconstructive elements, many writers write gags with the basic elements: set-up-gag- punch-line, even the set-up in its own right is funny.

And now for something completely different… is a fantastic showcase of Pythonesque humor, one that will never cease to be, kick the bucket or be told about like a certain Blue-Norwegian parrot. Got my point, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more…

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