Anchors Aweigh


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Music / Musical / Romance / War

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Frank Sinatra as Clarence Doolittle
Dean Stockwell as Donald Martin
Gene Kelly as Joseph Brady
Kathryn Grayson as Susan Abbott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 7 / 10

Too puritanical musical!!

When we thinking in musical movies we expect to see gorgeous legs girls dancing in large stages,but this time too family movie even Sinatra was strangely dumb and behaved,just Kelly has some malicious thoughts along the movie trying make a appointment with a hot girl who so long spoke about and all audience expect to meet her,for a family movie once more Dean Stockwell made the way a few boy who made successfully career after grow up like him...backing on movie is easy to watch but a lack of the other beauty legs and faces made a puritanical movie...just for adjusted families only!!


First watch: 1995 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 7

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 5 / 10

Gene and Jerry!

If you get Anchors Aweigh, On the Town, and Take me out to the Ball Game confused, you're not alone. After all, two are about sailors on leave, two feature Betty Garrett and Jules Munshin, and all three musicals star Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra! Anchors Aweigh features songs from Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn, but the most famous musical number from this film is the dance duet of Gene Kelly and Jerry the mouse. You've probably seen this dance included in famous film montages, but when you watch the entire movie, try and put yourself in 1945's place. What a thrill—and what special effects!—to see Gene Kelly dance with half of Tom and Jerry! It was pretty spectacular, and it remains one of his most famous dances.

The plot follows two sailor buddies on leave; they want to see the sights and the girls, but when they both start to fall for the same girl, there's a problem. Adorable Kathryn Grayson is the center of the love triangle, but while she gets to sing a couple of songs, it's Gene Kelly who stands out in this campy, happy-go-lucky, pro-soldier, post-war, silly musical.

If you don't think you can sit through all of it—because you're not a die-hard Gene Kelly fan, or you'd rather watch a Frank Sinatra movie where he actually acts—at least watch the cartoon dance number. It's adorable.

Reviewed by Musashi94 6 / 10

A Fluffy Bit of Wartime Escapism

Made as World War II was drawing to a close (V-J Day was only a month and a half away at the time of its release) Anchors Aweigh never really aspires to be much more pleasant wartime escapism. As such, it aims low and hits the mark for the most part, but aside from a few standout sequences the film never really gels into a satisfying and cohesive whole.

Following two sailors (Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly) on shore leave in Los Angeles and their ensuing escapades, the film tries to do a bit of everything. There's some patriotic flag waving, gorgeously choreographed dance numbers, your standard love story, a fantasy interlude featuring Tom and Jerry (yes, the cartoons) and some backstage musical bits reminiscent of the Busby Berkeley films from the 1930s. However, as a result of trying to fit so much in, Anchors Aweigh feels overlong and drags quite severely in places.

Kelly, Sinatra and their costar Kathryn Grayson try to keep the audience engaged through sheer star power, and their efforts are admirable (particularly Kelly's big solo number near the end of the film) but are never quite enough to compensate for the long stretches of tedium between the big musical set-pieces. The fact that the plot is pretty exists solely to convey us from one song to another is partially to blame. There's nothing really wrong with the writing, it just doesn't take any risks whatsoever. This usually doesn't bother me in musicals; for a 143 minute film however, I expect something a little more substantial.

The film was a huge hit upon release (even generating some Academy Award nominations) and it went on to be a very influential film. Four years later, Kelly and Sinatra would star in On the Town, a film with pretty much the same plot as Anchors Aweigh, with the only major differences being it's set on the opposite coast (New York City to be specific) with an extra sailor tagging along.

As flawed a film as it is, I can still appreciate Anchors Aweigh for launching the careers of Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. In you're a fan of either of them (or MGM musicals in general) this film is worth checking out, just don't expect too much from it.

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