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Action / Comedy / Crime

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Robert De Niro as Paul Vitti
Lisa Kudrow as Laura MacNamara Sobel
Billy Crystal as Dr. Ben Sobel
Max Casella as Nicky Shivers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xophianic 8 / 10

Good mixture of comedy and crime-action

I was looking forward to seeing ANALYZE THIS for many reasons. One, Billy Crystal is one great and funny comedian. Two, Robert De Niro is the king of crime-action movies. I mean, ever saw THE UNTOUCHABLES? Three, the storyline did seem like a very good idea that had never been done before. And four, I love Lisa Kudrow. I was not disappointed with this movie. There could have been more, but it is surely worth seeing. There were only a few instances that I started to really laugh, but there were plenty of good and funny jokes, as well as some good touches of mobster-like crime.

Ben Sobol (Billy Crystal) is a family psychiatrist who has a son and is engaged to the beautiful Laura MacNamara (Lisa Kudrow). He gets into a car accident with a dim-witted man Jelly (Joe Viterelli), who happens to be the right-hand man to Paul Vitti, (Robert De Niro) the most powerful mobster in New York. This leads to Vitti seeking the help of Sobol. Vitti gets into very emotional moods and anxiety attacks. He refuses to admit it because he doesn't want to show weakness before a big meeting with the heads of the mob group. Sobol must help Vitti realize his problems with his father, as well as try to survive among the gangsters.

The plot is very original and cool, but the unlikely mixture of crime and comedy might leave a stale taste in your mouth. The curse words in this movie can get a little out of hand for a comedy, but that's because of the crime added to it. They did not bother me at all, in fact I thought it was funny and pulled of very well, especially in scenes between Crystal and De Niro.

Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro work great together. Both do very good jobs at their performances, even though De Niro's crying scenes seemed a little fake. The one at the end was getting better, but they still looked forced. The gorgeous Lisa Kudrow, although probably a bit under-played, did a good job too. I also think Joe Viterelli did a good job as the stupid, funny mobster. He certainly looks the part of a mobster, and I think the comic touch in his role was pulled off well.

There were a few plot holes, however, such as the one with Billy Crystal's character having problems with his father. This is, arguably, used to further the plot between De Niro and his father, but it is never resolved for Crystal. There are also a few jokes that didn't work, but the jokes that do work completely make up for them. This movie is different from your average SNL-alumni comedy movie, but it's full of funny jokes and characters and is certainly worth a rent.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 8 / 10

Easter Weekend.....

One of gangland's biggest bosses suddenly starts having anxiety attacks because of past problems.

When he decides to see a shrink, what can he tell him without giving away the gang's secrets and reveal too much about his own situations?

Add to the fact that this type of individual is used to everyone catering to his whims and he expects the psychiatrist to do this whilst on vacation.

A vacation in which he is due to be married to Phoebe from Friends......

It's a high concept movie, De Niro sending up a role he's best known for, a crime boss, but playing it straight in an all out comedy, and thank The Lord that the gamble paid off.

Crystal excels as Sobel, the psychiatrist whom has a father complex, which is handy, because Vitti is suffering from his anxiety because of his fathers demise.

Ramis hasn't just made a funny comedy, he sends up a much loved genre, whilst showing a lot of respect, and to keep a gritty edge when necessary.

It never really goes slapstick, and when it does, for example the 'hit the pillow' scene, it flares slightly because the rest of the comedy is just written so well. De Niro is excellent, and unfortunately this film started a spate of De Niro comedies where he played the tough guy in a hilarious situation.

But it's highly original, Kudrow has never been better, and it's just a genuine pleasure to watch, because it's an intelligent comedy that doesn't need to rely on toilet humour to raise the laughs.

Shame about the sequel though....

Reviewed by Mak Marialena 10 / 10

Please make another movie!

2 of my fave movies of all times Analyze this and Analyze that.

I would get surprised when people would say "My favorite Christmas movie is so and so and I watched it 3 times ". Well, NOW I watched Analyze this and Analyze that movies more than 90 times and I still watch 100 times more I was hoping and waiting for a new one.

Need a 3rd, 4th, 5th, ...25th Analyze This and That movies. Perhaps Analyze Them or Analyze Him, then Analyze Her, Analyze Us ,etc... I don't care about the title but the movie content !

The comedy and sarcasm mixed with serious issues is the best part. The actors playing their roles are fantastic So funny, magnificent movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for producing this.

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