An Uncommon Grace


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 593


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Kelly McGillis as Elizabeth Conner
Sean Faris as Levi Troyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huggibear 8 / 10

What an awesome and new Hallmark movie!

I liked Jes Macallan in this movie. I've never seen her in anything else and her eyes are so pretty. I love forward to seeing more of her. And the grandmother was none other than Kelly McGillis (from Top Gun). I didn't even notice that while I was watching the movie. I need to start looking at who is playing in the movies I watch these days so I can notice my old favorite actors and actresses. This was a different kind of movie. Thanks Hallmark for going beyond the normal romantic comedies/dramas and working on scripts that may be controversial. Perfecto!!

Reviewed by jenal-13556 10 / 10

An Uncommon Grace was Excellent!

This was a great movie it kept my interest all the way to the end because I was curious how the movie would end and it was very good, would love to see more movies like this where you can't tell how the movie is going to end! Those are the best movies! Hint Hint!

I love the cast too.

Reviewed by toomuchsausage 10 / 10


I loved this movie so much, I will watch it again! I would have been so disappointed had the movie not ended the way it did.! I also spent the whole movie thinking the grandmother looked like Kelly McGillis, but I really didn't think it was her until I looked up the movie to deservingly rate it very high afterwards.

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