An Officer and a Gentleman


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
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Richard Gere as Zack Mayo
Debra Winger as Paula Pokrifki
David Caruso as Topper Daniels
Robert Loggia as Byron Mayo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A J... 9 / 10

I dare you to watch this without Crying! Plus Major Chills!!!

By far, one of the Best Acted, Best Written, and without a doubt, Best Films off all time!!! If you were born after 1985, and don't think Movies Pre 85 or without huge budgets and CGI, can be've got a lot to learn!!! It's no where close to a Chick Flick! For those who say otherwise.

From start to finish, this film grabs you, and Delivers!!!

In fact, I Triple Dare you not to be Completely moved and left with Chills all over your body at the end!!!

Louis G. Jr. gives an outstanding performance, and Deserved every inch of the Oscar he won! This film also includes one of the greatest songs ever sung,,, Believe me!!!

Whether you're a man or woman, under the age of 20, or just impossible to please, you will love this Movie!!!

Reviewed by calvinnme 8 / 10

If you sleep with enough strangers you too can find a man with a good future to take you away from all of this...

... or at least that seems to be the lesson to working class girls like Paula (Debra Winger) and Lynnette (Lisa Blount) who have the problem of only having a high school education and thus limited employment options in the remote rural place in which they live, but access to the droves of young men going through officer candidate school nearby. The catch - they are only there for 13 weeks, and isolated on base without leave for the first four. With the final scene being somewhat iconic - I won't spoil it for you but I'm sure you'll recognize it being parodied somewhere before - it does seem to be that my review title is the lesson for young women here. That and cheaters (Lynette) never prosper.

This is a great time capsule and probably the film you should watch if you want a taste of the Reagan revolution of the early 1980s. The most significant feature of "An Officer and a Gentleman" is that contemporary reviewers saw nothing unusual about it. The use of sex and nudity marks what has been incorporated from the counter cultural revolution, but the politics have shifted to the right so quietly that no one noticed. It's entirely possible that the writer and director could truthfully deny that they had intended to make a pro-Reagan film. With appealing stars like Richard Gere and Debra Winger, salvation through military service could even seem to be hip.

It's also a taste of something we lost at the end of the draft. I'm not saying that a military draft would be the least bit practical with the highly technical armed forces we have now. But look what we have here - people from all walks of life being forged together into a cohesive unit, aware but unbothered by the differences between them. Zack (Richard Gere), losing a mother to suicide as a child, foisted upon an unwilling father by the Navy, and growing up over a Filipino whorehouse, learning martial arts to defend himself against the roving street gangs. Of course he came to the navy a selfish jerk - he needed that quality to survive as a kid. Zack's best buddy (David Keith as Sid) is an Okie from Muskogee, a guy so traditional he is living his dead brother's life for him just because his parents want it that way. Then there is Perryman, their bunk mate. He appears to be a little older, maybe almost 30, but being a naval aviator is the only way he can see to get up and into a secure future for his wife and kids. Then there is Emiliano Della Serra (Tony Plana), a soft spoken mathematics graduate from Texas, Hispanic and every inch of five feet. In high school this is the kind of guy Zack and Sid would have shoved into his own locker, but here he is a colleague. Last but not least there is Casey Seeger, the lone woman in the outfit, just a few years after women were even allowed to try for this career at all.

Lou Gossett Junior earned his supporting actor academy award as Sgt. Foley . He presses the recruits hard, trying everything to trip them up and expose weaknesses in their character. It's too bad it really didn't seem to do much for his career.

Look out for a young David Caruso whose trip into the drink in a simulator pretty much paralleled his acting career. See NYPD Blue, season one, for reference.

A great double bill would be this film and "Easy Rider" made just 13 years before. How drastically the culture had changed in thirteen years. No one connected with "Easy Rider" wanted to be a gentleman, let alone an officer. If "An Officer and a Gentleman" had been shown in 1969 or the early 70s, those who flocked to "Easy Rider" would have scorned its theme of salvation through military service the way they scorned "The Green Berets." Think of the contrasts between the two films, especially since Richard Gere and Lou Gossett, Jr. would have been perfectly capable of playing counter cultural heroes. Pessimism vs. optimism. Hatred of the system vs. a belief that the system works.

At any rate, the rather bad lesson this teaches young working class women is made up for by the all star cast - an ensemble of actors that works and an overall great script. Plus it is just a wonderful representative of those early 80s. I'd highly recommend it.

Reviewed by nzswanny 10 / 10

You know, I wasn't expecting it to be the masterpiece it was.

Once upon a time in the early 80's, a film directed by Taylor Hackford was released called An Officer and A Gentleman. Many enjoyed it, and since it's release it has remained a classic and has gained fans over the years. I was looking forward to this film, however despite how much I wanted to see it, my expectations were still blown away.

First off, the editing in this film is brilliant. I won't spoil another scenes, but The opening scene when Zach Mayo flashbacks to his past was absolutely brilliant. That one scene is criminally underrated, and as I watched the opening scene, I knew I was in for a really good movie. The way the takes fold together feels all like one take, it's superb. I had to go look up who the editor for this movie was, and, no surprises, it's the same pal who edited The Godfather! No wonder the editing was good...

The cinematography was also very good, but in order to keep this review short so to not occupy your time, I think the film remains realistic as it develops an emotional story that remains handled well under the careful hands of the director. This film is not another simple romantic movie, it's an emotional look at the life of being an aviator, the hardships and humour and grief of it all without being overly sentimental or melodramatic. The pacing, editing, cinematography and story all combine into an absolute masterpiece and it's safe to say that you won't be wasting any of your time watching this. Respect goes to Taylor Hackford for making this masterpiece. Go watch it.

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