An Eye for an Eye


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

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Christopher Lee as Morgan Canfield
Chuck Norris as Sean Kane
Matt Clark as Tom McCoy
Mako as James Chan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenabell 6 / 10

Leave Your Brain At The Door Entertainment - Enjoy.

Now, this film really takes me back to my youth, where you were a member of a video shop... or fifteen (I counted the cards I used to have)... and you would troll around them all to find a movie worth watching - at least it kept us fit.

This is pretty much your basic '80's action flick. Where the good guy is out for revenge for the death of a lover, a family member, friend, or in this case a partner on the force. The plot, like this one, would usually revolve around drugs trafficking. Throw in a love interest and loads of exciting fights and you have the perfect mix. This was the start of the "Leave your brain at the door" movies. To be fair, it's nice to let enjoyment and excitement take you out of your daily routine. I know I need it at the moment.

So in this story, you have Kane (Norris) and his partner, Dave (Kiser), heading to an undercover meet. However, it's a trap and Dave is killed, in quite a nasty way. From here on in Kane is out to solve the murder and get revenge for his dead partner. This leads him and Dave's girlfriend reporter, Linda (Chao) into a world of drug trafficking...

So what makes this a film worth watching?

Well there is Chuck Norris, who to be honest, isn't too bad in this film. He was just coming into being an actor in his own right at this time. These types of characters, like the films, were ten-a-penny and you were lucky if they made it to two-dimensional, let alone three. I have to believe that it's the likes of Christopher Lee (Canfield), Richard Roundtree (Captain Stevens), Matt Clark (McCoy), and even Mako (Chan) that elevated his acting up a notch or two for this movie. The rest of the cast are solid actors and carry the film and the much-used scenario easily.

Next, there's the direction. Steve Carver does a really good job with the camera work. There are some really well-framed sections. I loved the part where Kane goes to visit his sensei and master Chan. He parks his beautiful red Mustang and gets out. This is all superbly framed in a long shot by an ornamental oriental fence. Even on the drive up to his masters home, he is followed by a helicopter. This is filmed smoothly; you have a side portrait of Norris driving and outside the passenger window you see the copter flying at his side. There's also a nice sequence where Kane runs from his house, down his pier to his private jetty, opens his speedboats enclosure, jumps in and speeds away. There is a lot in this film that Carver should be proud about. Even the slow motion sections of the fight scene's work. When a lot of martial arts opted to speed up the action, slowing it down works really well - especially when you have a master of the arts like Norris.

Carver also sets a nice rollercoaster pace for the movie. He knows when to slow down to drive the plot and quicken it up to boost excitement and tension. A Lot of filmmakers could take a few notes from this film.

The only thing in the film that irked me was the love interest, Maggie Cooper. This was mainly for Sullivan's wooden performance. In some scenes, she appears so laid back that she may have been sampling the product the bad guys were moving.

If you like your martial arts flicks and are not too worried about plot, then I would recommend this one to you. It may not be intellectually brilliant but it is kick ass entertaining.

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 6 / 10

"I tried to question him. He preferred to expire"

A policeman and his partner are set-up and ambushed, the partner being killed. The girlfriend of the partner has evidence connected with drug smuggling and is also killed. The policeman Sean Kane resigns his job and gives up his badge and goes after the criminals himself which includes the people who murdered his partner and partner's girlfriend. It ends with lots of shooting and fighting. Sounds good but it is ordinary and at 106 minutes far too long.

Chuck Norris is Sean Kane but due to the length of the film unfortunately Norris has to act a lot and he's not a good actor. In the action scenes he is much better of course. Fortunately he is partnered by the murdered girl's father, James Chan played by the legendary Mako who steals every scene he is in. Christopher Lee is a fine villain but he doesn't have much screen time which is a shame. That man mountain Professor Toru Tanaka is also in the film and is threateningly splendid as usual.

A passable time-filler but no more. See it for Mako.

Reviewed by Harry Lags 8 / 10

Kane's weapon is himself, he is a weapon !

After his iconic battle against the legendary Bruce Lee in 1972's Way of the Dragon (and with the encouragement of cinematic superstar and karate student Steve McQueen), six-time, undefeated world karate champion Chuck Norris felt it was time to move permanently into the world of cinema.

The nicely paced, entertaining and well-structured film is filled with solid direction and wonderful performances.Chuck Norris is cool, a bit humorous and totally believable as a courageous, but dangerous hero. It's also no surprise that the legendary Christopher Lee brings a touch of diabolical class to his villainous role while the great and always reliable Richard Roundtree delivers another solid performance.

Add to all of this a kick-ass musical theme by talented composer William Goldstein (Chuck's Forced Vengeance) and you have an early 80s action/adventure that is a real joy to watch.

If, like me, you're a fan of Chuck Norris's early 80s martial arts/action films, I highly recommend An Eye for an Eye.

Overall worth watching..8 out of 10

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