An Extremely Goofy Movie


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Bebe Neuwirth as Sylvia Marpole: the Head College Librarian
Brad Garrett as Tank
Jim Cummings as Pete
Pauly Shore as Bobby Zimmeruski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by czarnicky2 10 / 10

A great, funny movie for both kids and adults

I was a big fan of the original 'A Goofy Movie' and was eagerly awaiting the sequel when I saw an advertisement for it prior to Thanksgiving in 1999.

An Extremely Goofy Movie takes place Four or five years after the original and involves Goofy's son Max going off to collage and freedom. This depresses the Goof who then is fired from his job at a toy factory. In today's economy one cannot get a good job without a degree and the Goof decides to go back to collage, the same college as Max.

Max on the other hand has visions of freedom and the 'X games' dancing in his head and presumably girls and keggers as well; though he former is glossed over and the latter ignored for the sake of the small set. These dreams are rudely interrupted by the return of Goofy who, dressed in '70's clothes, immediately begins treating his boy as, well his boy.

Max must contend with both his father and a group of yuppie skum low lives known as the gammas. The gammas are all about winning at any cost and not above cheating to accomplish that.

A sub plot involves Goofy dating the school's librarian and the only other person in the world who shares Goofy's affinity for the '70s.

At its heart 'An Extremely Goofy Movie' is about how despite the fact that children grow up there is still a bond between parent and child that cannot be broken. It does this without becoming too sappy and always retains its good humor. My only complaint is that Disney did not release it to theaters first this is definitely a movie that would have worked on the big screen. Go buy it or at least rent it.

Reviewed by dream_catcher003 3 / 10

Forgetting everything from the first

^ Total nutter. The show may be mediocre/OK for some, but for those who loved the first movie, it's a complete bomb.

WHERE is Roxanne? And why has Max forgotten everything he learned from the first movie? There's no point questioning the chosen plot lines, like Goofy meeting a woman or the whole cliché college...thing, because the movie is already seven years old. But it helps to rant, and ask again, after an entire movie dedicated to getting the girl, WHERE is Roxanne!?

Also, I agree that humiliating Goofy further kinda irks me. I mean, people don't think Goofy is an embarrassment, that was the whole idea of the first movie! Goofy is a lot like my dad, my friends think he's amazing, but he always annoys me. In the end though, we are very much alike, and I have to accept that I'm a lot like him, and that it's OK, because it's cool to be like him. THATS the point! So why do they continue showing Goofy like he's some freak show?

Reviewed by infernokid3 4 / 10

It loses the magic of 'a Goofy Movie'

I bought this movie hoping it would be at least as good as the original, and I was let down. There were so many changes from the original.

First Goofy does not work at the supermarket anymore, which does not coincide with him going to school to get a degree since he was already was able to get a new job with out a degree. Second the music, in 'a Goofy Movie' the characters sang the music witch gave it a nice touch, but in this movie this is no one singing its all background music. Third at the end of 'a Goofy Movie' we saw Max starting to hang out with his dad and he was not ashamed of Goofy anymore. Then in this movie Max is again ashamed to be Goofy's son, which was basically the same storyline as 'a Goofy Movie', which disvalues 'a Goofy movie'. Last and most importantly where's Roxanne? Roxanne was the main storyline and the love of Max's life in 'a Goofy movie'. I refuse to beleive that they broke up especially after what Max went threw to impress her. Even though there was a Roxanne look-alike that never talked in the movie.

This movie left me with the feeling of why did I watch part one (a goofy Movie) since this destroyed every good thing that came out of it.

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