Amityville II: The Possession


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 8579


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Burt Young as Anthony Montelli
Ted Ross as Mr. Booth, the Lawyer
Diane Franklin as Patricia Montelli
Rutanya Alda as Dolores Montelli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sam Panico 8 / 10

Creepy is the best word to review this film!

It doesn't matter to me whether or not The Amityville Horror is truth or fiction. The truth is that the original film isn't all that exciting. But the sequel? The sequel is pretty much everything you want in a movie — if you love movies filled with horrifyingly sick moments of glee.

Damiano Damianim, whose 1960's and 1970's western and crime output were marked by a streak of social criticism, directed this film from a screenplay by Tommy Lee Wallace (who not only played Michael Myers in the original Halloween, but would go on to direct Halloween III: Season of the Witch and the original version of It).

The film is actually a prequel, telling the story of the Montellis, who are based upon the DeFeo family. Anthony (Burt Young from Rocky) is the father of this brood. He's rude, ill-tempered and ready to abuse everyone at a moment's notice. If you're looking for any family values — in fact, any values at all — you're watching the wrong film.

He's married to Dolores (Rutanya Alda, Carol Ann from Mommie Dearest), his long-suffering and very Catholic wife. They have four kids — Sonny, Patricia (Diane Franklin, Monique from Better Off Dead, as well as TerrorVision and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), Mark and Jan. Even from the very beginning of the film, the family is on edge. Every single interaction between them is marked by weirdness, before we even get into the occult portion of this film.

Things get worse — much worse — after a tunnel is found in the basement. This leads to doors knocking all night long and demonic messages showing up in the youngest kids' room. Turning to the Church, Dolores tries to have Father Frank Adamsky bless the house. That lasts for all of ten seconds before Anthony flips out and throws the priest out.

When he gets to his car, the door is open and his Bible is torn apart. Clearly — all is not well. Again — the family is a mess before the Devil even gets involved. Dad is overly strict and abuse, mom clings to the Church and Sonny and Patricia yearn to have sex with one another (seriously, their first interactions define the word creepy).

While everyone else goes to church, Sonny stays behind and is taken over by a demonic force. The film nearly descends into body horror as we see the creature take root inside him. Soon, he's playing fashion photographer with his sister, a game that quickly turns into sex. Instead of her being upset, Patricia instead tells him that she loved it. Keep in mind these are pretty much the two main protagonists of the story, so the tale takes a very Flowers in the Attic turn.

As Sonny becomes more demonic, Patricia decides to confess to Father Adamsky, but breaks down before she can. At Sonny's birthday party — a scene where this film layers on the insanity — he goes full demon as she freely tries to give herself to him. She decides to call the priest and confess everything, but Father Tom (Simon himself from Simon, King of the Witches, as well as the original version of The Town that Dreaded Sundown) takes the phone off the hook so the priests can go skiing (!!!).


Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 8 / 10

If You Liked The Exorcist & The Original Amityville

If you enjoyed The Exorcist and the original Amityville Horror film then you might get a kick out of Amityville 2: The Possession. This movie is based on the story of Ronald DeFeo Jr., the man that killed his family in real life - he was tried and convicted of 2nd Degree Murder.

The original Amityville Horror film is based on the real story of George and Kathy Lutz who left the home 28 days after of living there - claiming it was haunted.

It is safe to say that Amityville 2 is a prequel to Amityville Horror. Both films are worth watching if you like haunted houses and demon possession stories.


Reviewed by avalonjoyous 5 / 10

Not bad but nowhere near great.

Unlike some reviews here I never really thought this film was horrendous.

Yes the acting is mostly laughable no question and yes the end of this film is incredibly insensitive,disturbing,and shocking to say the least.

But the movie was creepy to me anyways and it put a chill up my spine seeing a young man killing his entire family and this includes small children which was the most disturbing and shocking thing of this entire film.

It wasn't perfect by no means but for me it was an alright horror film.

I do not think of this as having anything to do with the real story more as a typical horror movie considering so many things regarding this film do NOT follow what actually happened in real life.

Especially the fact that in the real case the family was asleep when they were murdered not wide awake as everyone was in this film.

The gratuitous violence at the end of the movie is to this day something that still stays with me it was incredibly shocking to watch to say the least.

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