Amira & Sam


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
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Paul Wesley as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 2 / 10

A deliberate romance drama!!!

It looks good, but not very enjoyable. I would have liked if it was focused only on Sam about a soldier's struggle since his return from the war like the 2009 film 'The Messenger' perhaps. The Amira's character seems deliberately put in, especially in the present western world scenario to tell what's wrong with them. So sorry, this did not click for me. But I like some parts, like how the character Amira transformed compared to the beginning and ending.

Martin Starr was at his best and that's why its watchable. Some people might like the film for its simpleness, but the screenplay should have been improved. They covered many topics like wall street, unemployed ex soldier, immigrant et cetera in 90 minutes, but when it comes to the romance part, the reality was missing. So like I said, intentionally the lead two characters put together to bring attention, rather to tell a neat romantic tale.

It it like 'Learning to Drive' kind of film. That aimed to reveal the cultural clash between two and how it stands as an obstacle between their feeling to each other. This is not for everybody, even the middle eastern audience might be annoyed about how Amira was portrayed in a few scenes. But those are the parts I liked the most from it. Just once watchable.


Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 7 / 10

Stellar indie-flick that avoids most typical cheesy romance clichés

A nice surprise about 2 very different characters one an ex-army American soldier man and one Muslim refugee woman.

With that set-up this could have turned out to be just any typical rom-com fare but it avoids doing that by keeping a great sense of realism throughout the movie with characters and developments that all seem natural.

As a big 'Freaks and Geeks' fan from my youth it's nice to see yet another Apatow 'family member' get his shot at the limelight, in this case Martin Starr who played the lovable geek with massive glasses; Bill Haverchuck in the series.

And he handles the lead-role splendidly with natural charisma as does his love interest in the movie Dina Shihabi as Amira.

All in all a small independent drama-comedy that succeeds at being funny and dramatic when it's supposed to be, a slice of life type of movie.

Reviewed by rushaidatkhouloud 4 / 10

Cringe worthy, but fellow Arab & Muslim reviewers need to chill

I love indie movies, I'm an Arab whose family has a lot of interracial marriages so I was curious as to how this one would be portrayed, and I actually fell for the fake reviews. Long story short, I watched it.

I don't get why people are taking this portrayal of an Arab woman too personally, especially when they whine about stereotyping done on Westerners' part. There is over half a billion Muslim woman in the world, and each one them is different. If you don't want non Muslims to paint us all with the same brush when it comes to terrorism and extremism, why would you suggest that any other Muslim's way of living is a representation of your beliefs? That being said, the movie was not horrible, but it wasn't good either. Too many clichés and cringe worthy moments, there's an idea behind the film, no doubt in that, but it wasn't delivered properly by no fault of the actors, who all gave OK performances, too many plot holes and unrealistic events.

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